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Hi guys i am a youtuber ( Manga Experts ) i make manga manhwa etc recommendation videos. I love reading mangas and stuff and i would love to make new friends. Feel free to contact me anytime you want.

Discord:- Ahtizaz Ul Hassan#6895



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LoopsMaster21 Oct 31, 2022

what about asura did you check which one had the better translaton between the two?

Yateseycakes Oct 13, 2022

The first few versions I saw online had mixed this up with another manga where the lead character was female and in a hospital. (It was in full colour too with a completely different art style.) I really had to dig to find the real thing, but it was worth it!

NimeNim Sep 21, 2022

When I got mad at a story I end up putting my frustration in the people saying good stuff about it. I'm really sorry. It's a personal problem of mine. I'm really sorry.

DiBBz Sep 4, 2022

I've had L.A.G bookmarked for a while but i never start reading a serieis at least until there is 30 or 40+ chapters. otherwise if it turns out to be good then its just sad that ive read through it so quickly

DiBBz Sep 3, 2022

That doesn't make any sense because there are only 3 scanlations teams translating it, and they are all the same in terms of art quality, and they all have raws. Viewing on mobile vs PC shouldn't be any different, just mobile has a smaller screen thus its made to fit that aspect.

Also i already am subbed to you on youtube but sadly 80% of the recommendations provided i don't see the overhyped appeal in. hence why im questioning the absolute ridiculous 4+ rating for "your talent is mine"