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The first disciple of the clan was murdered and now the mc has become the first disciple but he is not interested in learning martial arts and he is weak. The character development of this mamhwa is very slow. You are not gonna like it if you are used to generic overpowered main character themes.

7/10 story
6.5/10 art
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Geist00 Nov 21, 2022

Based on ch. up to 19, no major spoilers:

So far it's not a typical martial arts manga with a MC powering up, it's more like a slice of life (or misadventures) of the MC, travelling with his comerades from a small martial school (group of ~6 people, focus is on the MC). There are hints of a larger plot.

I wouldn't say that the MC is weak, he can fight quite well (and he's capable of learning a technique that was taught to him once). He's just a carefree type of person, at least on the surface.


MC becames the senior disciple (in title, not in age; but I guess "the first" as a title is also correct).

It's main title should be "The Senior Disciple" and not "The messenger", because (so far) it doesn't have anything to do with the latter (but it could change, if the latter title isn't a mistranslation).