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ReviewBonfire Jan 13, 2022

Its  fine if you like it. Solo Leveling was my first Manwha and by far not my first Comic in Overall.

And yes it was cool to read and my interest for more is burning. BUT, the author messed up so much. Killed the importance of every single character and more. No one, not even the protagonist, had even the same amount of charisma, like Yamchu (from DB) and this dude is known for having no charisma at all. They were build like soulless npc with 2-3 different lines in the entire story. 

Curiousmadra Dec 28, 2021

Hi thanks a million for following me I did the same :)

Tetwisted Dec 25, 2021

Every time I see your review on something I have not seen yet, I think "Damn, he got me again!".

Keep up the good work, hope to see you gain more views in the future to spread the love of Manhwas!!