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This is a flawed, yet very unique manhwa.


Let me start by saying that I highly enjoyed the MC of this manhwa. He's a brutal asshole who murders and kill selfishless and without hesitation. It's refreshing to see.


That being said, he is only a part of why I like this story. What really takes it over the top is that it's essentially a deconstruction of many tropes within the genre. It takes common concepts -- righteous heroes, nobilities and royalty, systems and skills, etc -- and tries to present in a way that would be more familiar to reality and answers questions that normally doesn't get ask.


The hero's party disburses after beating the great evil only to become corrupt themselves. A king that raises his son to be righteous hoping he'll become king also sending assassins after another son who he views as evil. An amoral goddess who cares neither for 'good' or 'evil', but only balance and progress regardless of how it is achieved. A church that raises saints and holy warriors to protect people also uses the same soldiers as weapons for fighting and hunt down those who cross it.


The manhwa is full of such things and I LOVE that. Nothing is black and white. 'Good' is subjective. Those who are righteous can commit evil later on. Those who are unjust can still contribute to the greater good and be recognized for it. Even the concept of a 'dungeon' was given a new explanation and it's very creative. It really feels like nothing is simple in the story and it's better for it.


However, the great weakness of this story is...well, the story itself. The author has is great at world building and creates a believable world. However, he is not so great at creating a coherent and compelling plot. In a way, that's a strength and a weakness.


To begin, the story never drags. Everything moves at lightning pace and everything is resolved in a very common sense way. The weakness, though, is that suspense doesn't build up strongly. In fact, one might be surprised at how the story move -- in that the 'climax' is not necessarily 'the climax'.


Furthermore, the author...has a poor way of transitioning. Very often, he would present a new situation THEN explain how it happens afterwards. It makes the story feel very jerky. Other times, things may happen and the explanation isn't clear cut.


All the same, I highly recommend this story simply for how it uniquely presents everything. It is one of my favorite reads.

10/10 story
7/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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