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Weak Hero

Jan 14, 2022

Weak Hero (WH) is an interesting manhwa.

The premise is that -- among a group of deliquents -- one relatively weak person could still dominate simply through wit, clever thinking, and studying how to overcome their opponents. The person to do this is someone named Gray Yeon.

He doesn't have much physical strength, a tough demeanor, or anything of that. His strength is that he is very capable at using weapons. He's also a good planner and capable at throwing his opponents off guard and beating them gradually whittling down their strength and willpower to fight.

The premise of WH is to see how someone like Gray can fare in a world of thugs and bullies. Gray's strength and characterization drives the manhwa forward.

Unfortunately, the great weakness of this manhwa is length which give rise to a lot of other weaknesses. Mainly repetitiveness.

The manhwa uses a lot of obvious padding techniques. There are a lot of long, multi-chapter flashbacks giving back stories. Not just to the main characters either, but even the side characters and multiple villains. Honestly, it's too much emotional sob stories and many of the characters are generally uninteresting.

The author, of course, uses the back stories to create previously unknown new villains for the protagonists to fight. Any encounter that takes place then involves a lot of bragging, tough guy machismo, and this oft-repeated scene where one guy tanks another's guy punches silently and slowly to demonstrates his toughness.

If that technique becomes tiresome, well, then the author just then have lackeys/henchmen/randomly people try to fight Gray (who looks weak) or introduce entirely new villains. At one point, this becomes incredibly blatant with a major change to the previously accepted story. I will not give spoilers, but it's entirely impossible to miss the blatant adding of new characters to pad the length.

At some point, though, it begins to weigh on one's mind as to when will the whole thing end? The protagonists actually claimed at one point that they were going to end the situation finally...but then the story went on while they seem to do utterly nothing but wait for new bad guys to come.

The story continues on, you see new 'scary face crazy delinquent' who is supposed to be hyper tough except readers have already seen that concept many times by that point and it's losing its effect.

At some point, even Gray begins to lose his luster. The idea that he keeps getting opponents who don't seem to realize weapons exist or that is predictable enough that he can come up with strategies on the fly is absurd. The author even seem to have realized this and decided to later give Gray better fighting abilities and have him witness his opponents beforehand and learn about them somehow.

I'm going on. The point is that the story feels good and refreshing up to a point, but later becomes repetitive and dragged on with the final resolution seeming to never get closer. One also gets the inkling that even if that 'final' resolution comes...another 'more final' resolution would then just be introduced with many new obstacles to overcome before reaching it.

The author never gets beyond the basic formula that drives the manhwa initially.

Ultimately, I'd still rate the overall manhwa a solid 6.5/10 and would recommend a read, but I can't compliment it much beyond that.

6/10 story
7/10 art
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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