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Dec 25, 2017

Before start, please read the note below

1. im not fluent in english

2. i dont waste my time writing reviews

3. i was in bad mood when i wrote

Then if you wanna write something, please write something i dont know already.

This was one of my three pick from secret santa challenge, a challenge pretty tasteless. I choose this show because was potentially more common and easier to write a review. However, I found a show different from expectation.


Substantially, a guy is forced to join in a club ready to be closed for insufficient elements. And you said: "where i have hear this?" Probably in almost every school club show. The list is really long. Other elements are girls who spend the time playing. Just the name of the club and the game they produce worth watching the whole series. Im not interested to spoiler the show, but the story follows the club's elements and a a few other through school life.

What makes the show worth watching? The story starts pretty common, but i found in the direction something really awesome. Because, some lines are maybe better for a parody instead than a romcom. Im not joking, when i watched it i thought: im laughing like with noucome and korezom (2 parodies). And i dont remember a comedy so funny. However, everyone has a different sense of humour and i understand that is pretty personal.

Second, the characters. Im not saying that they are so unique, but the director use them in a great way. There isnt a char that eclipse all other, but everyone has his space to make the show funnier. 

Animation: Decent

Sound: Nothing to write


Its hard write in this section. Because by one side, they are common. On the other, they works together in a wonderful way. And its nice when episode after episode, the bond within them grow.

The only i will write two words about is kenji kazama. I usually expect something from the male MC. He isnt empty, he isnt a weak person,he has some character. I cutted other show's rating when the male MC was pretty useless.


I could reccomend this show if you like school comedy show. And even if you like this genre of show, you could not like the humour and (unfortunately) watch a mediocre show. The only thing i can say is: give it a try. 

Secret santa challenge 17

9/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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abhiss Dec 26, 2017

LOL!!!! its a nice review for someone in a foul mood, D-frag is awesome.......especially ep 5 , rouka shibasuki and the banter of the game creation club provisional.......haahha[-+-]