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5 - Perfection. Only a few anime have deserved this rank, they have met all requirements, and have no faults. Nothing bugged me, and i loved every episode. These anime have grand characters, an amazing soundtrack, character developement, story unpredictability, great art-style, and a uniqueness that's undeniable. I recommend these anime to anyone and everyone. These anime are "Must-Watches" to any anime fan. My Favorites. 

4.5 - Anime that deserve a Four and a Half-Star ranking are nearly perfect. I must have really enjoyed these stories, and rank them as some of the best. These have amazing plot and characters.

4 - Amazing anime. Recommended and very well written. It met the majority of my "Good Points". I liked it to a high degree. 

3.5 - Notible anime. It stood out, and had an interesting story

3 - I enjoyed it. These anime gave me enough entertainment to meet the requirements of a good anime

2.5 - Neutral. The anime was okay, wasn't terrible, but i wouldn't recommend it. 

2 - I didn't like it. Two-Star anime tend to be average anime, that got sidetracked, then didn't make up for it. Poorly written

1.5 - There were enough mistakes about the anime that i ended up hating it. Purely, this anime wasn't good

1 - It wasn't good. One-Star anime are pretty terrible, so much so, that a story probably never occured. Considering the fact that i finished it, means that the ending was likely a disappointment

0.5 - I wished i had never seen it. It lacked many or all traits that make an anime good, or in this case; even watchable. Don't even bother remembering the title, i won't. 

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