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Kari5 Apr 5, 2011

Both Mount Allison University and St. Thomas University have Japanese courses, I haven't heard of other places in eastern Cananda that offers it. I don't think either school has an active anime club anymore. If you want details, I'd be happy to help but I'd prefer to only talk over private messages (in the forum). ^-^


No, I can't add anime to the site (yet :p might be gaining that power soon), but just request it in the proper thread and it will be added when she has the time :) She's a very busy person so be patient.

MOJ Mar 28, 2011

Haha loved your little paragraph on ecchi :P So true after all.

As for the blog, yeah i like going around this site, randomly commenting on blogs i feel are deserving enough to warrant it. But try to make the blogs a bit longer, they are more fun to read that way and commentors have more to comment on. Added you too :)

pantsukakumei Mar 8, 2011

Ouin c'est vraiment étrange les nouvelles générations sont moins annoncés que les remakes....

pantsukakumei Mar 7, 2011

Non pas encore j'va surement me l'acheter en fin de semaine ou un autre jour dans ma vie, mais oui j'ai su qu'il était sortie en regardant comme pas hasard le test de jeux-vidé Mais, ça la pas été annoncer pour 2 cent.

pantsukakumei Mar 1, 2011

ANIME FREAK !!! <('-')>