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I love anime! The animation, plots, character developments, music, voice acting, everything!

Some of my favorite genres are Action, Comedy, Romance and Reverse Harem. So basically, Yona of the Dawn. That's my favorite. 

Oh, and since I can say anything here: All Praise Our Lord and Savior Tatsuya Shiba. 

There. I'm done. 

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Mirica Nov 25, 2016

Heyo sorry for another late reply! It has been quite an eventful two weeks~

I know, its so exciting to travel~ I hope you get the chance to sometime soon :D 

The coolest internet buddies on the site right? lol

Oh I usually buy manga to support the creators~ But if its not availiable, I'll go online. I understand the struggle with little money to spen though :L It is really hard to collect some just to buy a few, don't feel too guilty about it - theres nothing you can change. Thanks for the websites as well! I'll check them out and tell you when I start reading it ^^ 

IM GLAD YOU LOVE IT TOO! I can't wait for the sequel!! I'm so keen to see what they can do with the story and the characters!! :D WOO~ I still need to see doctor strange and antman though :o I'll take your word for it that they are good! ALSO SAME!! THE WONDER WOMAN MOVIE LOOKS SICK~ The action shown in the ads is amazing - those badass kicks though~ Wonder woman is on point and like you said totally kicks butt LOL. I really hope its as good as it looks ^^

Sadly I don't have nteflix - but I can try and find those another way~ Do you think netflix is a good investment??

Anyways have a good week~ Bye-bi!

Mirica Nov 8, 2016


I'm glad to see that you're still on the website ^_^ Though it is sad that you were also experiencing the same thing :C 

Thank you for being so kind as well :3 It really means a lot! In Korea I mainly plan to go sight seeing and immersing in the culture but I really haven't planned too much yet. I'm not very good at being on top of things ahaha~ Although you are techically a stranger, I'd still consider you a friend of mine so I don't mind telling you. 

Woah journalism is so cool! I hope it will go well for you in the future!! I'm sure you'd excel at it as long as you put your mind to it~ Especially with the experience you have~ Being an actress must be so fun :O I can't do it at all ahahah

oOooO are there any places that sell manhua that you know of? Although its long, as long as the storyline is good it is definitely worth it~ 

I totally agree, it is awesome that you responded ^^ With the internet you can have so many close friends that can understand you better than people around you even though they are so far away, such as yourself~ I really did miss talking to you!  

I love movies but I usually wait until they are released on TV because I have no one to go to the movies with ahah. Though I'm glad you enjoyed Dr Strange. Marvel and action movies are honestly the best! I think the only one I saw in the cinema though was Guardians of the Galaxy. Do you have any favourite marvel movie?

Hope you had a great day again xD 


Mirica Nov 6, 2016

Heyo! Its definitely been quite a while huh? I'm so sorry for dropping from the face of the earth too xD I was in a horrible mental state so I just left. 

Life has definitely improved for me since then though. I have made more connections and taken up many more hobbies. I'm currently learning how to code and speak Korean~  I will be travelling really soon to Japan and working towards my education~ 

That's amazing that you directed a play! It almost sounds like a dream xD It must of been really fun~ Can't believe school is almost over too! Do you have any plans for what you'll do in college :O ?

Man I really need to get back into manga~ Maybe I'll check out Black Haze ^^ Is a manhua a chinese comic? I've never heard of it before xD 

Are you enjoying your new computer!? You're so lucky~ 

I am from Australia ^-^ Thats so cool your brother got to go! ESPECIALLY TO BUILD A RADIO TELESCOPE LIKE DAMN THATS TALENT RIGHT THERE~ Hopefully it went okay for him, I wish I could've provided some tips in time :L But alas the world works in mysterious ways.

Thank you by the way~ Love so life is so cute >w<

Well anyways, I hope you are still here! Have a nice day~

Mirica Aug 23, 2015

I remember learning about the Illiad and the Odyssey in History! It seems like it made a really cool play, if only it was showcased here ^-^ Also nice to have that balance of learning and having fun~ 

That is such an awesome place to go! Its also adorable that your cousin finally got to swim with you c: However, I've never heard anyone compare people to fish xD It reminds me of the magikarp from pokemon~

To camp at such a beautiful place, you truly are so lucky! But how could you swim if it was freezing!? Are you guys prone to hypothermia xD Besides that, at least you can share such memories with your family ^-^ Oh and I wish for it to be warm for you~

That is so true, haha. Without a laptop, it would be so much worse T^T It becomes a part of your daily life and is hard to go without it.

Im up to episode 6 of Sidonia no Kishi but my account says otherwise since I havent bothered to change it xD But it has quite  cool aspect about it and the animation is truly unique~ There is never too much anime c; But totally understand where you're coming from xD

In answer to your question - I LOVE abridged series! They are absolutely hilarious xD My first time watching one was for Akame Ga Kill and the laughter was uncontrollable ^-^ "Nobody likes peanut butter cookies!" It would be great it you recommended some!~ :D

Mirica Aug 12, 2015

No need to apologise. I'm just glad to get a response and know you're okay!  Thats so cool that you act, was it an original play or a classic? Also lucky you, getting to go on vacation and soon camping! How was your vacation and where did you go?

Hahaha the first world prolems are real but its not like any group could not have problems. Its also always hectic around this time of year it seems.

Once again no need to apologise, glad to hear your feeling better ^o^ Besides, I've also been quite busy lately~ Furthermore, thats awesome to recieve a new laptop! What type is it? 

I missed chatting with you too! :D For me, I have been quite caught up with family and school matters. Its been on heck of a ride but hopefully it will die out soon. Also I totally agree, it has quite a free feel to it where you don't have to worry about what is happening.

Recently, I have been watching quite a few including Toradora due to a request, Show By Rock!!, Sidonia no Kishi and My teen romantic comedy which is really good ^^  Thats a really good list by the way, especially Kokoro Connect! I recently began reading the novel and it really interesting.