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A Girl on the Shore

Oct 2, 2017

I don't read a lot of manga and so after finding this gem, i felt it was worth sharing my thoughts of this great piece of art.

First of i will mention, this is a 18+ manga, it does feature some nudity and adult themes, don't be put of by this though, it isn't your boring run of the mill harem, it is a perfectly well told story, mature and serious.

So i got this series in a shop, honestly i brought it just because i needed something to read and thought the title was appealing (seriously, the title was all that brought me in). The story is about Koume who was used by her boyfriend and Isobe who has a negative view on the world due to the way he has been treated through life and more over, due to more personal circumstances (i wont go into this for spoilers). The story follows the two as they start a sexual partnership together despite their less than positive opinion of one another.

The story is well told with a relatable feel to it as characters feel rejection, emotional damage and a sense of longing which wont always be recieved. What makes this manga is partly down to just how well it follows Koume and her feelings, to herself, the people around her and of course, Isobe, equally though, this isn't something she will realise very well herself. Isobe is of another nature, he liked Koume but due to her lack of interest he resigns to it not going anywhere. Isobe however has a lot more going on in his life and some of it is quite dark, his constant rants about killing himself and his online discussion was really touching. As the series develops, Koume's realisation to his rants is also brilliant.

The story and brilliant characters really come together in telling this brillaint story, but i also love this story feels so unique, it isn't affraid to touch on these darker area's but the ending was something else. I admit, it didn't really end the way i wanted it to, in fact i was very sad the ending didn't go how i was envisioning it in my mind but there was more to what people might realise in the events which lead up to this ending, and it really goes to show some characters devotion, even if this wasn't obvious.

The art is something i don't touch on too often as there is generally little to say but i will say this, i love the drawing work here, not only is the art really nice and well done, it always has a dark or light feel to it and really sets the mood and feel for the situations as they happen.

Truly a read worth your time, as mentioned, it is a more adult theme story and the book does have a nice 18+ sticker on the back so it does contain fair bits of sexual content, as mentioned, don't be put of thinking it is just boobs, it isn't, it is a serious story.

9.5/10 story
8.5/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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