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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)


I getting old here, been around for some time i guess, anyway, i love anime of course, always have and will, few media types can make me laugh and cry quite like a well written anime can. My favourite genre are probably romance and slice of life but i like most stuff really (especially a sad story!). I'm from the UK if it matters.

*WILL UPDATE THIS LATER!!! -last edit 01.01.2018

Top anime are:

1) Hanasaku Iroha

2) Nagi no Asukara

3) Tsuki ga Kirei

4) Anohana

5) Yuru Yuri

6) Air

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Scalpelexis May 22, 2018

Happy Birthday, dear colleague!

tsumiki Aug 6, 2015

Hey Penguin-sama, I took kinda long to reply huh? It's been over a month :(

You probably guessed it but I don't really come on here anymore, or watch anime as religously as I used to (My real life has actually gotten too good to drown out with anime)

So yeah, just letting you know I might never (I will I'm just being dramatic) come back on here again and that you should totally give me some other form of social media you use so we can keep in touch... if you're comfortable or even want to keep in touch :)

If not, it was nice being friends with you and I'm really glad we met, you always managed to make me laugh Penguin-sama (totally not just because you're a huge weirdo.... :P )

Until we meet again whether it be in another life or not... so long,

Love, Christie- your wicked cool Australian friend

tsumiki Jun 20, 2015

Yay we're in the same boat, sorta, I'm so freaking busy I haven't watched anime in weeks T^T

Hahaha what kind of Australian slang? I swear, most people love Australian accents and slang and the country in generala nd then they get here and think we're a bunch of crazies! My friend Olivia, she came all the way from America because he dad got a new job here and she was here for two years before she went home, and in those two years me and my friends had corrupted her and people started calling her weird when she got back and she didn't even realise she was saying little things that made no sense to them :P

They're so fluffy and cute! I've always wanted a rabbit, and they're so friendly with our guinea pigs, they're all boys thankfully (though I wouldn't mind having a billion baby rabbits!) But whenever I see them all huddled together I always think they're planning some kind of secret mens business... is that weird? XD

I don't think the cake was a bribe, not to brag or make myself seem like an ultimate human (because we both already know I'm brilliant.... kidding :P ) but I'm a pretty charitable person, like I'm so easily lured into charity schemes, one day I may acidentally donate all my organ instead of waiting until death so I'll die while someone sells my organs on the black market... that is a very scary thought :o Also, you eat cake and all kinds of things to relevel your salt and sugar intake and stuff so you don't faint :P 

Hahaha you didn't know I was Australian? I am, a one and only pure-bred (that's a joke because I don't think there is such a thing as a pure-bred Australia... also I'm actually a quarter Irish and half English... or is that the same thing? I don't even know, I'm a quarter aboriginal too... but I've got pretty light skin because it's only a quarter... that wasn't supposed to seem racist I hope it didnt and I feel like I'm making it worse /.\ ) But yes! I is Australian, and you shall not marry everyone, but I am still searching for a bride for you and it seems like you will be happy with whoever I pick since it'll be an Australian.

Look at that, I actually replied pretty quickly (been putting off messaging people until I saw your comment... I realised if I keep leaving them I'll have too many to reply to!) 

Anyways, so long, Penguin-sama, until we meet again.

tsumiki May 21, 2015


I'm so sorry I haven't messaged you in a while. I kept meaning to but I kept forgetting or things got in the way... you're probably busy too actually... 

ANYWAY how are you? how's life? how's anime? I hope you're not still sick because that was aggggggges ago that you were sick!

In news of my life, I got a rabbit.... and then we got another rabbit :3

Also I've had heaps of exam type thingos, they're exams but in class but more important than your average test :P

Oh oh! And I donated blood yesterday and we all got to eat cake after because you're supposed to eat and drink a lot after you've donated blood! 

I'm going to a concert on Saturday, an Australian band called San Cisco (no one have heard on them!!!! >.< but they're so good!)

umm... that's about all to report on at the moment! So I guess it's goodbye for now :P

(sorry about the gifs but I recently learnt how to put them into comments so I'm kinda going crazy about them

tsumiki Apr 20, 2015

I am also sick... not as bad as you, I kinda tend to come on this site more when I'm sick because I get insanely bored XDI hope you regain your health soon penguin-sama *magical spell to cure all deathly diseases* at least now you know you're not dying :P

I don't care what your allies think, I will take them all out.... for a nice fishy dinner and then they will also become victim to my brainwashing ways! >:D

I used to try and trick myself, like you know in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya when they're in the time loop and Haruhi says she does the homework right at the start of vacation, I did one subject on the night of the last day of school, but then there's for other classes that have hours of homework so that didn't really work, I can't finish it at the start of holidays because I don't feel the panicking need to rush like the last day of holidays, I think it's more efficient the way I do it XD

Anyway, I'm not gonna hurt people anymore... you can have friends I guess, even though it breaks my heart, I feel so mean to be saying such horrible things... but if you ever try to replace me, I will feel no guilt.