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Hello Fellow Earth User... or whatever planet you might be from (being on that subject, Neptune is a pretty cool planet, right?)


I getting old here, been around for some time i guess, anyway, i love anime of course, always have and will, few media types can make me laugh and cry quite like a well written anime can. My favourite genre are probably romance and slice of life but i like most stuff really (especially a sad story!). I'm from the UK if it matters.

*WILL UPDATE THIS LATER!!! -last edit 01.01.2018

Top anime are:

1) Nagi no Asukara - Miuna is the best girl!!!!

2) Anohana

3) Tsuki ga Kirei

4) Anohana

5) Yuru Yuri

6) Air

 Okay these probably aren't my top but they are good enough!

UPDATE 2020:

Don't Judge my old reviews/ratings before 2017, i used to happily throw a kind 5 stars at anything and everything, same for reviews, i wrote/gave dumb and useless reviews, i have growns since 2011 (wow i been here almost 10 years!!!) and just can't be bothered to edit my history.


How i Rate shows (if you don't like it, i don't care):

5 stars - Highly entertainly, funny or interesting to watch ect

4 Stars - very good show, meeting the above standards to a lesser extent

3 Stars - Average show but likeable enough to watch, nothing new/special but still entertaining

2.5 Stars - I mentioned but score is it's generally a either average show which didn't appeal to me or it falls short of average but only slightly.

2 Stars - Boring or unappealing in  some way, generally i wouldn't have enjoyed the show and wouldn't recommend it

1 or less - Terrible show with either terrible trashy characters and a stupid plot in which it's more of a headache to watch than it's worth.

these scores are just my opinion of my level of enjoyment, genre's which don't appeal to me obviously wont score well despite they might be universally loved, it's just opinion baased. Again, ignore my older ratings, i was prone to give a "average" show i watched as one of my first anime's a 5 just because i liked it and it was new.

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LifeForPanda Aug 11, 2021

Watch Jojo :)

Nezukoochannn May 3, 2021

I just came here to give a smile :))))

ShakaShaka Apr 12, 2021

Hello Madoka!!!

Long time no see, hows it hanging these days? Your list of watched stuff is impressive and has lots of good stuff on, are series you seen recently which stands out?

Bloodlord739 Apr 12, 2021

No worries! I am beyond overjoyed that you wrote that much! It makes me feel honoured to have FINALLY met someone who likes text dumping like I do! Haha. And its interesting text dumping so touche! :D

The dark haired one was the shy type so that makes sense given that you said you like shy types. I didn't like her all that much but that was mostly cause she was given like 0 development compared to the other chars. Aye the orange haired one is indeed the childhood friend. She is great so good choice for best girl! I like both the purple haired girl and the sliver haired one. I loved the silver haired one cause I found her super hot lol. But you are 100% right in not liking her cause she is a horrible horrible person "she even calls herself rotten by the end" but I just can't help who I simp for lol. Same thing with Slyvanas Windrunner from the Warcraft games. She's so hated but hey shes's hot asf to me. *shrugs*

Overall I'd say Ai-Chan is best girl but honestly they all deserve to get with him. Like this show has not other happy ending other then a true harem relationship imo. Not that the anime actually ends with a conclusive ending :(
I should prolly point out that I'm totally fine with a polygamous ending for a harem haha. I know some people aren't but hey its my stupid male fantasy story that im watching so dont judge me! Or do but I don't really care haha. So far though I only know of one that my sister likes and told me about that has that ending which is Campione. And then there's this new manga thats getting an anime called Girlfriend, Girlfriend in the works, so I'm really anticpating that even if I haven't read the manga just for the plot. XD
Oh Arifureta is great but thats still just 1 season so I'll have to see how that ends.

Awwww man what is that bullshit! How the hell does the childhood friend never win??? That's awful lol. Actually this reminds me of a manga I read about the a other day called "This time the childhood friend actually wins" or something lol. So your probably on to something there hehe.

I acutally came across this the other day. I actually I think someone linked it in the Nagataro thread. It looks pretty cute and maybe wholesome so I'm also planning to give it a watch alongside Gosick. Inu x Boku Secret Service

As for the stuff you rec'd I think... QQ, Kaguya, Toradora and Lull In The Sea seemed to perk my interests the most! I'll let ya know what I think of one once I see it!
Thanks again for your help! :)

Oh I love that movie btw Aura . I forget to say that I've actually seen two romance movies so far. This one and Weathering With You, though I prefer the former as it was ALOT more "satisfying" for me.
Next thing I plan to watch movie wise is Your Name which I was really rec'd by someone else I know on AP.

Now its my turn to apologize for writing too much text lol. Sorry >.<

Bloodlord739 Apr 12, 2021

Oh WOW. You really came through for me damn. Well shit now I feel bad. I haven't given you anything in return! :(
Oh ok I know I know. Enjoy this funny GIF I made. :P

Seriously though tysm for the rec's. I had to make a list to keep track of them all cause it was too many to remember lol. Madoka Romance Recs

OH YEAH MAN TONIKAWA WAS THE BOMB. It was so wholesome it hurt!! We totally need more animes like it! I saw a manga called "We're new at this" and it looks like the same adorable wholesomeness. Hopefully that gets an anime made out of it or something similar!

I see. Well I don't really watch seasonal stuff. Cause I really like can not stand cliffhangers and when you watch stuff while its airing your pretty screwed in that regard lol. Also I just have a bad taste in my mouth from the first one I tried which I really didn't like last year. I told myself i would never watch airing things again but this season 86 and Nagataro just really caught my eye. So lets see what happens this time. XD
Yeah man do that. Rewatch the show and binge it back to back with the movie and enjoy pain the likes of which you have never known... Well thats not true in your case, cause evidently you've watched a ton of heavy feels shit lol. I guess for me it was the most pain I have ever known. But the fact that I loved it so much means that... well. I mean I won't say anything but you know what it means. :P

Kaede is best girl

The description of Quintessential Quintuplets reminds me alot of We Never Learn only difference are the girls are siblings in one and aren't in the other. Not that I've seen either though mind you. But you've sold me on it pretty well with what you said. Imma defo give that one a go. *thumbs up*

No no im glad you rec'd a comedy. I will always love comedies. It is my second fav genre after all! I'll defo check out Noucome as well. :)

Yeah I admit I'm not sure about Ef based on what you said and the tags I saw lol. But I added it to the list anyways.

I've heard of Clannad and alot of stuff by now. Tears and a "mostly" wholesome ending? Well damn bro. You've now made me both very intrigued and very afraid at the same time hahaha.

A lull in the sea (Nagi no Asukara) looks pretty sci-fi tinged and has an interesting back story so thats cool. Kaguya I wanna watch wholly for the pink haired Chika girl cause I like her GIFS alot lol. Her mannerisms reminds me of Lailah from TOZ. Just going of off GIFS here so idk how accurate that comparison is.

Funny thing about SNAFU. That's actually one of my few dropped shows XD. A friend on discord told me that it was one of his favourite animes so I checked it out but I just found the first episode so boring that I almost cried lol. NOW then I CAN admit that I was NOT as open to the idea of romance as I am starting too be nowadays but still I think I do need something to actually happen in my stories. Be it action or comedy or mystery. SOMETHING has to happen otherwise what the hell is the point of me watching? Now again I admit it prolly wasn't fair to dump it after only one EP so will give it another go if you realllllllllllllllllllly insist but what you say about not liking the ending has me worried. Cause like to me the ending is the most important part of a story personally. And how the hell do I know which girl i will end up liking most lol.

I've only read the first volume so far but its fantastic if you happen to share that particualr fetish of mine hehe. They are indeed my favourite things in the world above oxygen, water and sunlight! In fact..... Lemme show you a crop I made hehe.

Yeah I think your right. I think manga makers just use animes as ads for there mangas. Which really sucks if your the type of person that preferes anime over manga. :/