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Sianeka Aug 31, 2014

Hello and welcome to anime-planet!  ^_^

Hi! Just wanted to point out something that may be helpful for you.  Comments to another member (such as your response here to WonderBoom) are best posted on the OTHER member's profile page, instead of posting the reply on your own page, as you have done here.  To reply to WonderBoom, you should post your message on WonderBoom's profile page (which you can get to by clicking on his avatar picture or Nickname link.)

In general, other members won't be reading the comments on YOUR profile page - those are for you to read. They will read the comments on THEIR profile pages.  (The section on your page for others to read is the biography/profile section at the top of the page.)

So, often if you post your response to another member on your OWN page, they can't get back to you with another comment, because they won't know you responded to their comment... For instance, below, Wonderboom most likely never saw your reply about being mad...

KonaIzumi Aug 27, 2014

Hi! Your welcome and thank you for your words ~ I'll sure try to do so and give my best ;3

KonaIzumi Aug 25, 2014

Hi and welcome to A-P ~ Hope you enjoy it here and feel free to write me back! (^_-)-☆

Madlollipop Aug 25, 2014

Thanks, but please don't judge me for being mad, please? :c

WonderBoom Aug 25, 2014

Welcome! And calm down, there should be no mad lollipops in here.