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These words should tell you all about me: Anime lover and reviewer (also review many things media), mysterious person, hip-hop and electronica connoisseur, so on and so-forth.

I'm just another film lover and fan, music enthusiast, animation fan (both western and anime) and overall media junkie.

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angelsreviews Apr 12, 2023

I still do reviews though they are extremely slow. Just finished one on Romantic Killer. I got it up on Tumblr as well as going up in other places too. Tumblr is the main place where they get posted if your ever interested in reading them plus thats where I have some of our old story.

angelsreviews Feb 10, 2023

Seems we will be doing year month tag on here if we keep doing this, lol. I been..... safe. Mentally is a different story but still safe is the right word. I miss doing reviews with you hun.

angelsreviews Oct 12, 2020

I hope you don't feel like to much of a dick, I rarely get on here myself though I still do my reviews on both my tumblr and crunchyroll though I have been doing them seriously slowly.

angelsreviews Feb 27, 2020

miss reviewing with you, partner in crime. Things been way to crazy for me sadly but I hope your still ok and working hard. ;P 

Halibut Mar 24, 2016

Hi following you