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Bio time, Horray!

I'm a 22 year old male from Ottawa, Canada. I'm a total geek and introvert, mostly staying to myself and my close friends. I'm also gay, which you know, is always fun. I'm studying computer science at Carleton University in Ottawa right now, on my 3rd year.

Obviously, I love anime, and even have a review show going at . My favorite genres are Pyschological, Philosphical, Sci-fi, and Mindf*ck anime, although I dabble in just about anything with strong plot and/or characters. Quality means a lot more to me then most anything else.

As for my other hobbies, I enjoy playing Magic: the gathering in my spare time (feel free to talk to me about it whenever, I'm always up for a chat). As well as board games in general, well, good ones at least ^^. I also play video games, but I tend to think they all suck in general, maybe if a company wouldn't make Halo XX6.2 we'd actually get some interesting games.

My last little hobby is books, as I like to read non-fiction usually on the topics of Pyschology, Philosophy, and general human nature. I read fiction too, mostly Sci-fi and satire.

Hope that's tells you a little bit about me.

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Ezisha Sep 24, 2011

Hey ya! Love your bio, I'm a new member saying hi to those with similar interests and who look interesting :)



Aitrus Aug 9, 2011

Hey! If you ever have time you should message me on the Aniview forums! There are a bunch of anime I'd love to talk to you about since the podcast doesn't look like its gonna continue. :( Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!

Aitrus Jul 4, 2011

Hmm, well thats too bad. :( It would be great to get something going again but other stuff has to take priority right? Well even if nothing happens it was a lot of fun while it lasted and I got to meet new people through it. :) Interested in an anime convention in the Seattle area? I'll be attending Aki-Con in Bellvue, WA which is just outside Seattle in October if you happen to be free the 7th-9th.

Aitrus Jul 2, 2011

Hey Lyzl! I should have friended you awhile ago. Well anyway,.....i friended you. Hi friend. Well I'm off to watch more anime! Message me sometime! Miss ya on Aniview!

VivisQueen Jun 21, 2011

Hi Lyzl,

Just a reminder we're on the third day of LOTGH, eps 7-9 today. Still time to catch up if you forgot. If not, oh well, enjoy it when you do watch it!