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Manga that are seriously in need of recommendations

This is a list of manga that don't have any user-made recommendations, but definitely deserve some. These are just some manga that I noticed didn't have any recommendations listed, so I'm now trying to fill at least some of them out. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! I've also made several genre specific lists (romance, action, BL, etc) that will help you narrow it down if you're looking for something more specific. The manga in those lists are also included in this list, though, assuming I've kept on top of things (minus the BL list- it got too long. BL entries are only in the BL list, not this one). (Probably updated and in alphabetical order)


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abhiss Feb 16, 2018

Oshiette Nii-sama 😊😇✌️🤟🙂

closetanimefan Feb 19, 2017

I added a rec. for Ore To Kawazu-son no Isekai Hourouki

Shanuk Jan 16, 2017

This is such an awesome list!! :O <3 :D

YuiYui Nov 7, 2016

As the Ex-Leader of the recommendation club, this list makes me happy :0

I better get back on it with them manga recs xx

sothis Jul 13, 2016

I'm pleased you're looking into these recommendations and are working on making them! NOt many people add manga recs so it's always very appreciated. I've been wanting to get a manga reading club going for awhile to read targeted batches of manga (such as ones that have similar themes) as that tends to help with bulk rec adding. We'll see if I ever have time XD

IN the meantime you might consider joining this club too! As their goal is to get more recs/reviews added :)