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BL manga in need of recommendations

This is another subset list of my other list "Manga that are seriously in need of recommendations" to make finding similar manga/manga you like easier. This is a list of some yaoi and shounen-ai manga that don't have any user-made recommendations. Not all of these are in the overall list (I tend to forget to add them to both-also there are a ton of them!) but all of the BL in the overall list is included here


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kizhuo0 Jun 18, 2021

thank you so much, I have some saved but they all have boring plots with the whole story only being about erotic scenes. thanks again! 

RadioPieActive May 25, 2021

Thanks for the list! I will make sure to add some reccomendations to some of these~

Kyooi Feb 17, 2021

Thanks for the list!