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Just a few things to know about me, that I'm willing to let you know!

~1st, I'm a survivor of "The Great MAL Maintenance Tragedy" & have migrated from MAL.

~I've been watching Anime since the tender age of 4.

~My 1st Anime is "My Neighbor Totoro". 

~Ryoko Hakubi is my 1st Waifu!

~Toonami was my main way to watch Anime from the 90s to the mid 2000s.

~The Gundam Franchise is my favorite Anime Franchise!(Feel free to tell me your favorite franchise!)

~I Love watching Anime with my Family.

~& I mostly watch English Dubbed Anime and prefer it.(Not saying Subs are bad!)

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ademirml Aug 11, 2019

Hi, could you give me the link where I can watch The Laws of The Universe - Part 1? Thanks!

Efox Jun 23, 2019

how did u like the promised neverland 

lucymakesmehard May 6, 2019

Hey, havent heard from you in months I hope your well.

I actually liked last weeks episode of Fairy Tail (episode 26 of the "Final" season) the Levy and Gajeel scene was the best thing in Fairy Tail for a long time. 

Half way through the season though and it still feels like Lucy hasn't done anything this season. 

I hate that MAL changed Lucy's picture it looks so dumb. Her picture before was perfect.

I hope Lucy's hair and outfit changes in the anime soon to reflect what she looks like on the latest poster, I like that look a lot better.

I want to stop watching Fairy Tail weekly, I dont feel like its meant to be watched weekly. The dub used to come out 12 episodes at a time so I'd rather watch multiple episodes at once, but I dont know if I can stop myself from watching it as soon the episode comes out. I'm going to try to be at least a week behind though. SAO Alicization taking a 6 month break really messed up my plans since I want SAO and Fairy Tail to be the last anime I watch unless new seasons or spin-offs or whatever get announced since I dont like current anime anymore, but now SAO doesnt end until April but who knows when the dub will end, likely at least a few months later. I wanted to save the last episode of Fairy Tail for last but I dont think I'll be able to wait until 6 months or more after it comes out to watch it. I might not even watch the last half of SAO Alicization since Asuna hasn't been on much. I just want Alicization to end and move on to the next season.

lucymakesmehard Mar 15, 2019

You got so many characters listed under adore I couldn't possibly comment on them

How can you not like Shirley tho...

I kinda like Natsuko Honda too but only in a perverse way

Seryu Ubiquitous is a bitch and got what she deserved from Mine but I do think Seryu is a good character as a villain

and Mitsuki is definitely a bitch for taking advantage of Haruka's coma. The girl I liked in Rumbling Hearts is Akane.

lindapearl Jun 2, 2018

Hello, welcome to anime planet. Hope you enjoy your itme here