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Keeping this up to date with new shows I love is too cumbersome for me, so I have given up. (Tentative)

 My goal for 2021 (watching all of Gundam) was wildly unsuccesful, so I have shelved it for now. My current goal is to complete watching the whole Yugioh franchise, and we've already made good progress!


I like you

You are smart, funny, beautiful, handsome, and just overall lovely. Please smile!

There is always someone out there that sees your 5 star qualities.



Notes to myself:

Check for updates on "Good Day to Be a Dog" Kdrama

Episode 14 of Chihayafuru season 3 -cries in boom clap-


ok I found the dappy page in 2020 (the perfect year for something unusual to creep into my life) the above is a link to the only thing I could find. I put it here as a reminder to myself, and a possible introduction for others. The year is now 2022. At long last, a beautiful soul found the videos and linked them. They're all 50 seconds long and seem like nothing, really, but the closure I feel is so real.

Watch the video above and imagine having no context whatsoever. It's just you and dappy the hell remix, and you just have to stew in that for a year and a half. The oddity of it leaves it wedged into a far corner of your brain where you constantly have to acknowledge its existence. Then finally, you reach the oasis. A lovely site with the source material. It ain't much, but it puts the pieces into place and finally your brain can rest. (Or move on to the next fixation.)

Here it will stay forever. Never forget our journey, Dappy.

The honest to goodness Dappy that I have been searching for. The anticipation has left me starstruck!

Has anyone been in a situation like this with another weird short animation? I'd love to hear about it!

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HKBattosai Mar 25, 2022

Hi LumpyKiyay! Thanks for the follow. Quick note: Since MADHOUSE broguth back Chihayafuru after a 6 year hiatus, I wonder if there will be further continuation of the series. Makes me wish that a major studio like that would bring back the Skip Beat! anime. That ended all too quick!


45554d Mar 22, 2022

bruh he's cringe yet i love him

CallMeZayda Mar 22, 2022

hi to you too! Thanks for the follow and we do have somethings in common! Nice to meet you by the way and thank you for the greeting! First one to welcome me besides a bot lol

Feolis Feb 14, 2022

Hey, thanks for saying so. Movies like Hotarubi no Mori e are truly blessful, It makes me feel some exclusives things I would never suspected. It reminded me a lot of Natsume Yuujinchou who takes a special place in my heart.

starshineL Nov 19, 2021

Wait, profile picture gif.. its yoshino chiaki ringing tori's doorbell.. Not Ritsu