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I needed to add more weeb shit. So here I am lmao

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genkan Jun 1, 2021

tell em

BabyGirlKaylie Jun 1, 2021

Whatever, she did a lot of wrong and her writing is shit as well. I'm not lying to myself but if you want to ignore how horrible she is, be my guest.

I'd ask of you to block me by the way.

BabyGirlKaylie May 19, 2021

And that bitch even had the audacity to hold Yuzu back and try to stop her from seeing Mei, so no, fuck that bitch.

BabyGirlKaylie May 19, 2021

I do not need to step up my "social interactions" because Nina is a selfish character. Instead of being considerate of Yuzu's feelings, she only cared for her own and her sister's feelings. Sorry but Yuzu's feelings are far more relevant than her sister's, who fell in love with Mei right when they first met and they started dating.