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Secretlady Feb 5, 2022

Alright it's seems that both of us misunderstood some of what each has said so let me clarify myself.

But before that let me tell you that my comment came the way it did out of frustration since I have seen lots of people before drop series - not this one specifically - and judge the whole thing based on first chapters and say the whole thing is a trash or MC is garbage who uses others without waiting to see if the MC will get a character development (which they do by the way) or not and then I found your comment and it was clear that you only read the earliest chapters and I was right since you also confirmed that.

(Now I am in no way saying that they should force themselves to read something to see the whole picture or stop dropping titles that doesn't Interest them but it's just felt unfair to call character A who you barely got to know trash, same thing with stories and it doesn't help when they bash the work they barely read and leave the impression that it is indeed terrible which leads others to be reluctant to even try it. Having said that, there are stories that appear bad from the get go for example those who have jumpy weird pace where you don't know what is going on and skips important things, FL who are attracted to abusive ML {usually we know whose ML from NU spoilers} and actually ending up with their abuser and you can tell where a story is going after reading multiple similar plots and it gets tiring that authors don't understand that shitty MLs don't deserve happiness regardless of their sad background, anyway you get the point)

Now I get what you're trying to tell me and we both agree that Original Owner (lets call her OG to make it easier) is piece of shit, may she never rest in peace.

And I agree, what the other woman from the sect said was fucked up and when I read that part I was Like WHAT!!!

But all of those things that were implied by the female worker and the massacre etc. Are the actions of OG not the protagonist and the story is from her POV and ML POV.

{There is also another series called I Fell Into a Reverse Harem Game where similarly the FL is stuck in the villainess body who did horrible things including buying slave children or enslave them and I think she may have slept with them!!,not totally sure since it's been awhile anyway she was a total piece of crap. Despite all that happened, happened in the past and not the actions of FL who the story is about, does that mean that the whole manhwa will also need to be tagged with warnings: pedophilia, child abuse etc. (Granted in that story it's more of a mentioning than than visual violence but still)}

Your comment have reduced this story to only that and the later part in your original comment where you talked about current owner you said "

Now, this is what made me feel disgusted and thrown off. The female "lead" is now straddling on top of a child, with booty shorts on, as he is laying there shirtless. And not only that, but she even had the nerve to throw her whole body onto him and hug him.Wtf- the way I'm describing this may not sound that dramatic, but the visuals- I can't hold in my throw-up. "

Straddle him?? wasn't she trying to get him off her?? isn't normal to panic after waking up to someone strangling you? And about the visual of the boy looking like that, it will get clearer that this is the artist's way of making ML seem harmless, dolce person when he is not but scheming, vengeful person (that isn't a bad thing, he have absolute good reason for it).

The point is that you painted (or at least that's what it looked like to those who don't know your intentions or haven't read all the new comments here) FL as If she had bad intentions or want to molest him and her hugging him wasn't anything like that,in matter of fact she jumped far away once she realized what their position looked like. Also you said it yourself, that she went along with the other woman to shut her up since she isn't in full control of her power at the moment she might not be able to win against them (the sect I mean)

About what I said about culture and stuff, I went again to read what I said and it seemed that I didn't explain properly or extend what I want to say so that caused a misunderstanding so I apologise for that, should have been more careful.

I wasn't trying to say you are ignorant or implie that you are disrespecting the culture and again I am sorry if that's what my tone felt like but it wasn't my intention whatsoever. (Sometimes what I want to say doesn't come like how I want and it's difficult to put my thoughts into words and it doesn't help that english isn't my native tongue so it can be a bit of struggle.)

Speaking of culture,I remember an anime where a child took a bath with a woman whose not their parent (for context the child was abused by her parents and the woman and her kid were trying to help her) and wouldn't bathing with a stranger be weird but I didn't take it as such since I know her intentions weren't bad same with FL hugging him here, I knew she means no harm so it didn't bother me. Maybe another reason I felt like that because I read actual fucked up shit that I didn't see this one as that. [ I also said the anime thing as an example to what I wanted to say, nothing more]

And yes she isn't his parent, I am fully aware, I guess what I was trying to say is maybe certain things in Chinese works or others are normal so creator didn't find it a big of deal like that, like a doting aunt sort of thing or trying to get out of this awkward uncomfortable position FL was in, in a light way that seemed unserious.

(anyway I don't want to continue talking about comic /humor jokes that doesn't get through or the culture in broad since it will get out of hands if we do and the only reason I brought up the culture thing in the first place was to say certain thing but it feels like I failed at explaining my point so I am sorry about that)

Bottom line is my issue was in your original comment - before you clarify it - that felt to me to reduce this story as just that to 3 chapters you have read and it made it sound that all the story is about is pedophilia, grooming etc. when it's not, your warning are better fit to something like (I will twist the neck of a sweet dog) which is a story that has actual grooming in it as big part of the plot than here. And it doesn't help that you gave the story AND the characters 1 out of 10 when you barely scratched the surface to rate them so any member who come here and see your comment will think "oh grooming yikes" and drop before trying it, that's why I said it was unfair and misleading to set the tone of the story as pedophilia when it's not about that.(this may be better for stories like Somehow I Raised A Prince, which actually has a FL raise a ML and end up together 😬🤮)

Also manhuas in general have a bad reputation to begin with since alot of them are dumpster fire so seeing a comment like that will putt off anyone from reading it.

Maybe if from the beginning you phrased it "that some chapters contains gore, inappropriate talk about grooming a child ect." You know like how webtoon give warning at the beginning of certain chapters just in case people get triggered NOT to make it like the whole series is about these warnings And mention the fact that you only read said amount of chapters so you don't know what the story is about or where is it going, it would have at least to me been more of an objective of a review.

And I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and have free will to either choose to read this or not.I am talking about the principle of how you made it seem that the whole thing is atrocious when it is not and believe me there is way, way worse series that will cause depression and bad feelings in general than this.

In the end I have a feeling that we will agree to disagree and maybe we are built different and I (personally since i don't know about you) have read heavier stuff so to me this wouldn't apply so yeah.... and your original review give me different vibes than the later comments so that is partially why I reacted the way I did, the other part I explained at the beginning of me getting tired of haste judgements.

Thanks for making it so far and have a nice day as well, also hope this jumbled mess of thoughts were sort of coherent because like I said I suck at getting my point a cross sometimes.