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ScorpioVelvet Nov 3, 2017

It's fine, my friend.

I see, Lilium is such a lovely but sad opening theme. Good to know you liked its characters & plot, and yeah that one scene you've just mentioned is just powerful.

Just finished watching that the other day, and now currently watching Monster Musume & Outlaw Star which are both really good. Monster Musume is just so funny & sexy, it's probably the most hilarious anime I've ever watched. Outlaw Star is also lot of fun, like Cowboy Bebop meets Gurren Lagann... you know what I mean.

ScorpioVelvet Oct 30, 2017

Hey again...

Just dropped by to let you know that I've started watching Elfen Lied and am almost finished with it (I know it's short). It's quite good yet very intense but also interesting yet sad. I liked how the story goes as for the opening theme and the main characters I like (Nyu/Lucy, Kota, & Yuka). Lot of feelings I have for them as for the plot itself, I'm not sure if I would watch it again or not because how things went. I would be happy to discuss the whole series with you whenever you got some free time around.

Hope the week is going well for you so far, and shall look forward to talking about good anime again soon. Take care and keep watching! ;)

- ScorpioVelvet

ScorpioVelvet Oct 28, 2017

Always a pleasure, enjoy talking with you.

Good to have more awesome anime fans around this site, and I do wish you a good weekend as well shall see ya later.

Take care and keep watching more good stufff. ;)

ScorpioVelvet Oct 28, 2017

Yes, I have to went Sakura Con and it was my first time there.

I see it sounds like you've had a good time there. Have heard of Anime Boston.

Thanks for checking out my photos.

ScorpioVelvet Oct 28, 2017

That is so awesome!

I've also saw one on Ozpin, Pyra, & Neo during my trip.

Photos from my trip (pt. 1)Photos from my trip (pt. 2)