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Hidden BL Treasures

There are so many BL manga out there and it sometimes becomes repetitive. There are overused tropes like CEO x poor, popular x average etc. and there are so many stories where the pushover bottom has no personality and the arrogant top does whatever he wants without thinking about his partner. Well after reading around 500 BL manga, I have found some hidden treasures that I stumbled upon accidently and I was totally charmed by them. From unique and beautiful art style to different and captivating stories that always make me remember why I love BL. Please enjoy! :)) PS: These aren't in any specific order.
1 Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu

Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu

I present to you the hurt guy x healing kind gentleman trope! At least that is what I call it. :)) I just love stories where the MC (main character) has a trauma or a dark past and is still hurting inside and then the "knight in shining armor" comes, swoops the MC and showers him in love and helps him heal. So you will see a lot of them here, just so you know!

This story is about Oushirou that has had an unrequired love for his childhood friend for years. No matter how much time passes he can't move on. So, when he is as his lowest point, Inamura, a salaryman sees that he is troubled and offers him his shoulder. As time pasess, they get closer and closer. Will Oushirou be able to get over his unrequired love with Inamura's help or will he be stuck forever?

Oh, how I love troubled guys that suffer in silence just waiting for someone to pull them to the light! <3

5/5 stars from me! I just wish it was longer! Always the good ones are short!

Also, age gap! I also like age gaps a lot! :D

2 Breathless


Breathless is still on going so I don't know if it will be good until the end but the begginning is amazing. So atmospheric. And the vampire with the long hair is just doing something for me. 

I usually don't really like chinese webtoons because I find them a bit childish but the plot of this one got me captivated. So definitely give it a try!

Legend says that long ago, a vampire was betrayed by the woman he loved and imprisoned at the bottom of the sea. Four centuries later, a young man goes on a diving trip and finds what appears to be an unconscious man chained to a long-sunken ship. What will become of his encounter with the handsome deep-sea prisoner? Beneath the waves begins an anaerobic love... 

3 Canis: Dear Mr. Rain

Canis: Dear Mr. Rain

I recently re read Canis and it is still a masterpiece. Too bad it is updating so slowly!

We have love but also character growth and a beautiful and realistic story. Also, can I say how much I LOVE the artstyle??? I have Canis as my wallpaper!

Business is tough at men's haberdashery Dante. A big sale is coming, and they are extremely understaffed. So after getting chewed out by his staff a broken Satoru heads home to find a stray napping in the rain. Ryou isn't your standard American longhair, though. He is a mysterious nineteen-year-old with charisma, good looks and an air of someone with a past, despite their age. After a meal, a nap and a shower Ryou was ready to model for Satoru. But their contract was for just one day. And the reason why Ryou had to go was he had a meeting with the mafia.

4 Club Naked

Club Naked

Do you want a beautifully written and drawn manga? Then this is definitely for you! Don't let the title and cover fool you like it almost fooled me and I almost didn't read it! I loved this so much! I 100% recommend it!

Tachibana is an unsatisfied system engineer without a girlfriend. One day, he was forcibly taken by a female boss at CLUB NAKED, a strip club where a man takes off his clothes. Among them, the number one dancer Leo caught his eye. Tachibana falls in love with Leo's powerful dance, outfits that stimulate sympathy, and his beautiful physical body!!

stripper x office worker ;D

5 Collar ni Kuchizuke

Collar ni Kuchizuke

Now, the idea of this manga is pretty new. The dom x sub world building is obviously based on omegaverse but it actually works. There aren't a lot of there. Trust me, I searched! But I can truly say that so far this one is the best. And is was also my first of this domverse or how is it called!

Miki Kuroda, a college student, was forced to wear a collar in the past and has come to reject Doms due to his trauma. However, his body continues to seek for more, and he deals with the overflowing heat by reading erotic novels. One day, when working as a babysitter, Miki meets Moriya, a Dom. Despite being confused, he manages to finish his work, but happens to go into heat. Moreover, when he finds an erotic novel, Moriya notices his lower half-! A sensual novelist [dom] x a traumatized college student [sub]. A dom-sub universe that is sweet and gentle enough to sprout in a world where there is a master-slave relationship

And it has my favorite trope, which is hurt guy x kind gentleman! What can you not like?

6 Come to Hand

Come to Hand

This one was such a wholesome story. I think it was the creator's first manga and it was a succes! It has older uke x younger seme, which obviously means age gap, the difference between them is also sweet because one of them is a teacher and the other a tattoo artist. But one thing I really liked about this is how healthy the relationship is! Like, we don't see this often in BL unfortunately. Totally recommend!

Overworked schoolteacher, Miharu, collapses onto the icy roads. Along comes local tattoo artist, Arashi to save the day. However, it being Miharu's first time seeing so many tattoo's up close, he unintentionally makes some insensitive comments. To apologize, Miharu goes to his shop to apologize, where he realizes just how kind Arashi is. He feels comfortable chatting to someone of the same age, but also feels like something doesn't seem right...

7 Cover Up

Cover Up

Do you like tattoos? Because you will be seeing a lot of them.

First, hurt guy x kind gentleman trope! See? I told you that you will be seeing a lot of this trope around here, hehehe ;)

Second, yakuza. Yep, our korean main character, which is also a tattoo artist,  has a really abusive boyfriend that won't let him get away, so he runs in Japan after a client calls him there to tattoo him. And this client is a good looking  yakuza that has the power to protect him if the MC chooses to. 

Sounds good? Then go read it! I loved it.

Trigger warning: abusive ex and some suicidal thoughts. 

8 Deadlock


Another one of a kind BL! Seriously! I mean a BL romance that happens in prison and has complex conflicts and awesome characters? Why aren't there more like this? I can only say 2 words: UNIQUE and AWESOME!

Yunno is a wrongfully incarcerated ex investigator guy that gets sent to prison for 'murdering' his partner. He makes a deal with the FBI to find a mysterious criminal for his freedom and justice, so he gets send to a prison for really dangerous criminals. There he meets his cellmate, Dick, a really handsome fella that can protect him from all the low lives from the prison that would love to get a bite out of him. Not only that he has to find this hidden criminal to prove his innocence but he now also has so protect himself from the others and his heart from a certain someone!


Also, long haired handsome fella! ;)

9 Equipoise


I keep this webtoon close to my heart. It has so much pain but also so much good in it. It really hits you in the feels. 

The artstyle at first is kinda bad but it progresses a lot later on. It's still on going but I don't think that there are a lot of chapter left. And the author has some kind of cronic illness and takes hiatus from time to time but still posts new chapters. I have deep respect for them. 

Shin doesn't want to get close with anyone, being afraid of his own dad. New school, new people, same problems. After running away from abuse of his father one night, he encounters his classmate Joy. Something in Shin is not letting Joy ignore him, on the contrary, he wants to help this fragile boy with all he's got.

Hurt guy x kind gentleman trope! 10/10 I recommend it!

10 Hell & High Water

Hell & High Water

My god, the plot of this webtoon is so unique! While I was reading it I felt like I was watching a TV series of something. So good! This author always has the most creative ideas. This is no ordinary BL manga! The plot is so complex that I can't truly explain it so I will leave the description of it here: 

When homicide detective Dexter J. Daley’s testimony helps send his partner away for murder, the consequences—and the media frenzy—aren’t far behind. He soon finds himself sans boyfriend, sans friends, and, after an unpleasant encounter in a parking garage after the trial, he’s lucky he doesn’t find himself sans teeth. Dex fears he’ll get transferred from the Human Police Force’s Sixth Precinct, or worse, get dismissed. Instead, his adoptive father—a sergeant at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron, otherwise known as the THIRDS—pulls a few strings, and Dex gets recruited as a Defense Agent. Dex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job. But his first meeting with Team Leader Sloane Brodie, who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner, turns disastrous. When the team is called to investigate the murders of three Humanitherian activists, it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the killer—and every bit as dangerous.

11 Hi Manyuaru Ren Ai

Hi Manyuaru Ren Ai

This manga is a one shot that seems to not be liked by a lot of people but I found it very unique. It's a bottom x bottom story with one of them cross-dressing. As I was saying, it's unique and I love these rare stories. So if you also like different, you should read this!

12 Hinadori wa Shiokaze ni Madoromu

Hinadori wa Shiokaze ni Madoromu

13 Depth of Field

Depth of Field

14 Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi

Hitori to Hitori no 3650nichi

So much angst, so much pain but also so much healing... I love it! I usually don't like unnecessary drama but this one was so good. It also has my favorite trope which is (you should know by now xD) hurt guy x healing gentleman!

Maki who is gay and been told by his former bestfriend Katsumi, “disgusting”, coincidentally reunited after 10 years of being apart. Although, their reunion should be a joyful one Maki discovered that an once straight man is now having sex with men that holds a bad reputation around the area. Little did Maki know, Katsumi was once assaulted and been violently sleeping around men to self-inflict the pain he cause to Maki during the time he rejected him.

15 Hitotsu Shikanai Mono

Hitotsu Shikanai Mono

Oh how I love the hurt uke x kind seme trope! I would love if the story was longer or if we could get a second volume but I really liked it! And also age gap

Homosexual university student Haruhi Sakagami has low self-esteem and is tired of people comparing him to his twin brother. Trying to find his own individuality, he ventures into Nichoume, Tokyo's gay district, and begins living a double life as a prostitute named 'Kazuki'. Wanting to defile himself, he carelessly lets himself be used by random strangers; but when a kind-hearted salaryman named Masahiro Tachibana takes him home and cares for him after an encounter with an especially violent client, Haruhi begins to regret his self-destructive behavior. As the two men grow closer over time, Haruhi finds himself falling in love... and, in the process, begins learning how to love himself as well.

16 Home Alone Together

Home Alone Together

17 I Am Beautiful

I Am Beautiful

We have unlocked another trope that I recently got into, which is city boy x country boy. Yes, I love when people from other worlds meet and fall in love with each other. But it's not only about that. It also has slight age gap and a little bit of hurt guy x healing gentleman vibes. 

Jaewoo has had a crush on his best friend for a while now and always feels guilty because of that. Not only that his crush has a girlfriends but Jaewoo also hasn't really come to terms with the fact that he is gay. But misery ends soon when not only he falls in love with a man that works in countryside but he is also his crush's brother!

18 I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love

I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love

SO CUTE! I really like this creator's manga, they never disappoint!

I liked this story because we rarely see gay bars in BLs and I don't know why! Well anyway, a gay bar is the perfect place for our closeted character to go and lose his virginity at 30 years old! And there he meets a really handsome college student top who has never fallen in love before but somehow is attracted to MC! ;) 

We have age gap, gay bars, older uke x younger seme :D

19 Jackass!


20 Kekkon Suru Kamo Shirenai Otoko

Kekkon Suru Kamo Shirenai Otoko

Man, I have just reread this manga and it's so good! I almost cried! That's how beautiful it is! 

The main characters both are searching for a person to belong to and be happy with through marriage! They are both tired of the casual dating and want something serious that will last forever and it's so amazing! It was exactly what I needed after reading so many manga where people just play each other. I also like that they are both working adults, not highschoolers and it has more serious themes. 

I totally recommend this if you want something that will warm your heart!

21 Kitaru Harekake no Ashita yo

Kitaru Harekake no Ashita yo

22 Koi ga Michitara

Koi ga Michitara

The second volume of Koi ga Ochitara! IT IS COMPLETE! I LOVED IT!

23 Koi ga Ochitara

Koi ga Ochitara

THE BEST hurt guy x healing gentleman trope story ever! And I mean it.

This is literaly one of my top 5 BL manga! And don't let the cover fool you because at first it fooled me and I ALMOST missed this gem! 

After being used by so many ex straight boyfriends, Ise finds himself crying on a bench in front of his apartment building. Suddenly a pair of underwear fall on his head, only to find out his neighboor accidently dropped his basket of clothes again from his balcony. His older neighboor, Hishimoto, is divorced and is still trying to get used to doing chores so Ise offers him help and slowly start getting closer.

Hishimoto is the best TOP I ever found. He is respectful, actually cares about his partner, is not obsessive and accepts his lover the way he is. I just love him. I recommend this story 100%! And Ise is such a good guy, he's a cutie. :))

Also, I really love a good age gap story! And they are hard to find.

24 Kuyuru


I am adding this one first (it was supposed to be first in the list but then I changed it to alphabetical order ;)) ) because this is a prime example of this list purpose and it was also the one that gave me the idea of doing this list. I stumbled upon this manga completely by accident and I really liked it.

I really like this premise where the main character (usually the bottom) was hurt in the past (past trauma) by an ex and now is changed/cold/has a mental disorder or just simply can't trust again and the other main character (usually the top) comes and shows this person what a real gentleman actually is, treats him like an actual lover and basically heals him or help him trust people again. 

If you like this premise too then you should totally read it!

I'm gonna call this trope hurt guy x healing gentleman! For the other manga with the same trope.

25 Lion Gotoki no Kuni kara

Lion Gotoki no Kuni kara

26 Lion Gotoki no Kuni kara after story

Lion Gotoki no Kuni kara after story

27 Liquor & Cigarette

Liquor & Cigarette

To be honest, I am not a big fan of the childhood friends turn to lovers trope. I don't know exactly why, maybe because I usually like couples that start to get to know each other and fall in love, rather than already knowing everything about each other and then falling in love but this one was really good!

Theo runs the town liquor store — too bad he’s a total lightweight! His lifelong best friend, Camilo, runs the cigarette store across the street, and recently, he’s been making his attraction to Theo quite clear. Unsure of how he feels about dating a man, Theo accepts Camilo’s offer of a trial run at dating, and with a little liquid courage and a lot of heavy petty, Theo sees a whole new side to his childhood friend. Will these new experiences clarify his feelings or only serve to further muddy the waters of love?

Wholesome and Camilo has long hair, which you may already know that I like my men long haired. XD

28 Love and Truth

Love and Truth

This is a not for everyone kind of manga, but it's good! If you really dislike incest, omegaverse or trouples then I don't recommend it. I don't like incest at all and I usually skip those ones but this one made me make an exception!

I like omegaverse but I gotta admit most of them are really rapey so there are only a few good ones out there like this one!

As I was saying, I am giving points for uniqueness, and this story got them. Despite everything, I liked it a lot and it was really good. And it has good reviews and 4 stars! 

Go read the synopsis of this one if you are interested. I recommend it!

29 Love Awakening x Syndrome

Love Awakening x Syndrome

College student x professor trope. And it does have predatory vibes! 

It's hard to find student x professor manga without the teacher being a creep, but this of is actually good. I really liked the chemistry between this two, the characters are good written and the art is beautiful! 

And I kinda have a thing for guys with long hair (even if it's slightly). ;)

Also, age gap. ;D

30 Love Nest

Love Nest

Another good hurt guy x healing genteman story! Only that this gentleman is an older-kinda-unkept-that-gets-drunk-easily-and-smokes guy. But somehow he is perfect for the-mischievous-good-cook-clean-freak-sarcastic Hoizumi. xD

I know that I keep saying this but this is so good! This whole story it's realistic and it's definitely not love at first sight. But when they start loving each other, they LOVE each other. And also, this is the story of the 'villain' of another manga, who was hurt in the past so he started hurting others. But in Love Nest he has to faces the consequences of his actions and we see character development

Also, age gap. ;)

31 Love Nest 2nd

Love Nest 2nd

The second part of Love Nest. I loved seeing the way their relationship developed and their journey going through challenges and making it. AND it's also completed. How cool is that?

32 Love Tractor

Love Tractor

It is completed! 

I have been reading this webtoon for like a year now I loved it every chapter! And the ending? Chef's kiss.

When family obligations force Sun Yool, a stressed-out law school student, to the countryside, it seems like a great opportunity to escape the chaos of the city. After all, the great outdoors promises fresh air, sunshine… and a new romance?! Soon after arriving, Sun Yool is thrown into a series of strange encounters and misunderstandings with his 20-year-old neighbor, Yechan. But in spite of Yechan’s bumbling first impression and Sun Yool’s prickly exterior, the two find themselves drawn to each other… Will this tractor-driving stud's rustic charm be enough to melt this cold city boy's heart?

33 Merry Checker

Merry Checker

This one is a comfort read. No unnecessary angst, no drama just wholesomeness! I always feel happy reading Merry Checker and the author nails it every. single. time. 

The characters feel real and Shio is my favorite. The way he handles the haters has me laugh crying! 

Blogger, Shio, meets up with some friends he met online through his blog. He is going to meet Miya (supposedly female), a blogger he hasn't met yet. He is surprised to find out that Miya is a very tall man who has a very calming effect on others.

10/10 happy go lucky!

34 Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain

Not only that I like a good age gap but I also love older men BL manga! Because their relationship tends to be more mature, and oh boy, that was the whole reason why I started reading manga. I am so done with childish stories that end when the characters relationship finally starts. 

Mature romance, outcasts that find love and as usual, different from the other stories, this is Midnight Rain!

35 Mihanada Pectolite

Mihanada Pectolite

So cute! This time we a rivals to lovers trope and I am living for it! 

Kurihara is always in second place in his year. He is always behind Kawase, the class representative and the top, much to his frustration. Adding his parents' pressure to that, he always felt insecure and invalidated around Kawase.  Every time exams are around the corner, Kurihara frequents the school clinic due to his weak physical disposition caused by his small appetite. There, Kawase chances upon him and is made aware of their apparent rivalry. Since then, Kawase can't seem to stop thinking about Kurihara.

36 Mother's Spirit

Mother's Spirit

I am not sure if this is popular or not but I rarely hear people talk about it so I am gonna add it because this one really IS a treasure! It's one of my top 10 and it's also one of my firsts! 

It has almost everything I like: interracial couple, age gap, long haired top and two worlds meeting!

Like I don't care what you usually read, you gotta read this one! And the art is beautiful! Like my man Qaltaqa is gorgeous! I love it! 10/10!!

37 Mother's Spirit 2

Mother's Spirit 2

And this wholesome manga also has a SECOND volume that it's COMPLETED! I mean, just read it already. It's awesome!

38 Musebenake, Junjou

Musebenake, Junjou

39 Neon Sign Amber

Neon Sign Amber

I can't really remember this one tbh. This is the reality, that after reading so many manga, you start to forget some but I gave it 5 starts and it has hurt guy x healing genteman vibes so it must be good. Read it and tell me if it was actually good! xD

40 Never Good Enough

Never Good Enough

41 On Doorstep

On Doorstep

42 Ookami wo Karu Housoku

Ookami wo Karu Housoku

Well, every BL reader has at least heard of omegaverse. But have you heard of a gay werewolf manga? Me neither until I read Ookami wo Karu Housoku. I love it and I need more if this genre! 

I really like the way the characters are realistic and the romance between them is hot and sweet at the same time! One of my favorite manga!

Native American Chayton Winston is a veterinarian, and also a werewolf. He's dreamed of a mate "with hair like the sun and eyes like the sky" since he was a small child, and when an injured white werewolf is brought into his clinic for treatment one evening, Chay immediately knows that he's finally found the person he's dreamed of. He is surprised to learn that his destined partner is male; a beautiful and brilliant young man named Keaton Reynolds. Keaton tries to reject the relationship when Chay claims he's not gay, but as the two men get to know each other, they begin to forge a deep, passionate bond. Even with destiny on their side, these fated mates find themselves facing a number of obstacles: prejudice against homosexuals, Chey's racist mother, and an unknown assailant who keeps threatening Keaton's life. But no matter what happens, Chay and Keaton face whatever comes their way together, loving each other without reservations.

43 Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi

Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi

Oh, how I love a story about a self-tortured guy that finds kind love. And he has long(ish?) hair. Also, he may be a bottom but acts like a top which is fantastic. I don't wanna gove more spoilers so I will stop here. :))

One day, at the party Takayuki attends, he meets Takeuchi - his old classmate from high school 8 years ago. Takeuchi’s girlfriend in highschool was stolen by Takayuki. What will happen when the two meet? What will happen when one of them is drunk? Will Takayuki painful feelings of unrequited love come to an end or will there be a happy ending?

Warning! There is a non-consensual scene. One of the guys is passed out drunk and there is some action. I usually stop when there are scenes like that but this one is different in a way and it isn't made with malicious intent (it's somehow part of the plot?). You will see... Still, I really liked the story!

44 Practiced Liar

Practiced Liar

45 Restart After Coming Back Home

Restart After Coming Back Home

When I read this the first time I just discovered a new trope that I love! That is city boy x country boy trope! But not when the country boy goes to the city! When the city boy has to go to the country side and get used to it! Also the story is so cute! And the characters!!!

Hot-headed Kozuka Mitsuomi left his home in the country to try to lead a sophisticated life in Tokyo. Unfortunately, at age 25, he returns home in disgrace, having been fired from his job. As he tries to rediscover himself in the rural area he once called home, he meets Kumai Yamato, a man about his age who was adopted into his community while Mitsuomi was away. The sweet and even-tempered Yamato is hiding his own pain, and as the two men connect, they start a journey together.

46 Restart After Growing Hungry

Restart After Growing Hungry

The second volume of Restart After Coming Back Home. Still as wholesome as ever!

47 Semantic Error

Semantic Error

48 Shinobeba Koi

Shinobeba Koi

I just love the vibe and feelings I got from this manga! Motorcycle rides and falling in love with the leader ;))

49 Stranger


O M G! THIS ONE IS SO UNDERRATED! And it's the only BL story that happens in the 19th century western america, and the love story is between a sherif and a native american. I could read a manga with 100 chapters about these two. It's so good and unique and awesome and different and.. UGH! SO GOOD! I am so frustated that there aren't more stories like this! I would pay for more. GO READ IT!

50 Suki ni Nattara Dame desu ka?

Suki ni Nattara Dame desu ka?


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pookiedynamic Jul 20, 2022

Awesome List! I def now have some new things to read so thank you for that!

Here are a few I'll recommend to you in return:

All About Lust - so funny and the unique art style is very refreshing as well as the storyline.

Family Simulation - wholesome family fluff vibes 

First Love Encounter - popular boy can't get it up unless he's with the cute uke 

Hand in Hand - one guy has a hand fetish and is obessed with the other guys hands, very funny and sweet

Here U Are - a total classic tbh

Hiyo-chan Koi wo Suru? - basically two boys have brother complexes and in order to get their brothers back, pretend to date until feelings hit. 

Karasugaoka Don't be shy!! - amazing rival delinquents-yet-not-actually-delinquents falling in love and it has a completed sequel thats equally as good

Kozure Omega to Boukun Yazuka - omega baby mama is taken in by a yazuka and its just goooooodddd

Learning to Love at Your feet - a bdsm-verse one that honestly is so respectful and like, just good rep of the community

My beloved north star - pure fluff vibes and again, high school setting

My pet bat - vampire x human with very unique artwork. Lots of angst and warnings for self-harm and attempted suicide but also lots of fluff too. 

Secret XXX - fluffy and rabbits!!!!

vjtatakae Mar 31, 2022

thank you for creating this list. :D