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WonderofU129 Dec 23, 2021

Well I prefer reading than the anime since it doesn't take lot of time and usually there is more stuff to cover (sorry for late reply had to do something urgent)

WonderofU129 Dec 22, 2021

Hmm that depends on you, if you like stories where the mc is trapped in a game and just wants to live a normal life with action scenes and a clever mc then you should give it a try

WonderofU129 Dec 22, 2021

Then you should the website which I told you about since ad blocker works there and if you aren't already then you should consider using brave browser since the ad blocker there is free and has many other features as well 

WonderofU129 Dec 22, 2021

Hello I saw your comment on above ten thousand people, you can read this manhua on mangakakalot.com and search with the name or you can simply search the ch1 of the manhua on Google and it should show you some sites where you can read it