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If you want to recommend me an anime to watch, take a look at some of tags I like under the "I♥" section of my profile. I'm a sucker for all things dark and gritty.

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ansi13c Mar 27, 2021

You wont touch accel world with a ten foot pole? You jealous of a boy like me getting a hot girl as a girl??

FinalDIO Oct 26, 2020

I thought he was causing the mosquito problem at first.

SatsukiKiryuin May 21, 2020

This is a response to the comment you made about Riko.

If it wasn't for Riko.. there wouldn't be an Anime, since there would be no search for 'Lyza'. 

So how would the Anime be better without her? 

YuriphY Mar 26, 2020

Okay reg is pretty interesting but ozen what?

Nanachi is a hollow a person who survived the 6th layers curse. She also see's the curse.

Well everyon ehas their opinions.

I'd wish she got more love.