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Im just a person who likes anime.

My first ever anime  that got me interested was ranma 1/2 after my older sister and brother showed it to me 6 years ago. 

I dont have any friends who like anime as much as i do so if you want to chat that would be nice. :)

My favorite types  would be Conedy, Horror, Psychological.

My least Favorite would be anything related to isekai. 

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What?! No manga ratings?

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peepeepoopo Oct 8, 2022

Cool! I'll start them right away! Thank you!

peepeepoopo Oct 5, 2022

Hello there! Thanks for the follow :D. We've watched a lot of the same/similar anime so I was wondering whether you have any reccomendations. If you don't that's perfectly fine, I hope we can maybe chat more! Have a good day/night!

YEMURR Aug 14, 2022

See there is no way anyone can like her even a bit.You probably like her cause of the voice actor and that means u actually just liked her voice not her

YEMURR Aug 2, 2022

rly liked? I get it even though she is a bitch I never took her serious too but like what can u see in a person that copies her "bff", tries steal her bf and blackmailing etc.Just curious?

tt3tt3tt Jul 30, 2022

lol. hilarious.