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What?! No anime ratings?

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Tasuki Dec 8, 2014

The name seems somewhat familiar.. haha.. and you just made me check on anime planet! First time in like.. erm.. 3 years? O_o It's brilliant that the site still exists (and my account). :D

Yukikaze Jun 21, 2008

(Spam Filter) Is anime something you watch or eat?

My Answer: EAT.

Anyways, hey Locate. 'Member me, the annoying hentai obsessed guy you met on IRC Chat? Wait, there are lots of those. Hmm.

Yeah, so it's me, Yukikaze. I wanna know ya better, so please comment back when you find the time. Thanks.

Tasuki Nov 7, 2007

*blows away dust*

*stabs a few times to see if its still alive*


Hmmm. Looks like a severe case of abandoned profile. T_T 

Bateau Sep 13, 2007

Locate is awesome!! just dropping by to say hey!