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Gory and magical manga

You like magical girls with a dark twist? Maybe even a bit gory? Maybe just something like that? Then check this out!
1 Magical Girl Apocalypse

Magical Girl Apocalypse

While its not the commom magical girl, the monsters are called mahou shoujo for being a species that looks like girls with all kinds of powers, some kinda magical and with their only line being: magical! tho in the middle of the series you will know about the real witches and why everything is going to hell.

Apocalypitical setting with gore parade and MCs with powers.

2 Magical Girl Site

Magical Girl Site

Mahou shoujo site is from the same author and also distorts the mahou shoujo concept of cute and fluffy. The girls gain magical abilities cuz they suffered a lot of abuse from the family, friends, stranges and now they can get their sweet revenge, but things turn out the other way when they find the price to be a magical girl.Lots of gore, lil girls dying, fair share of abuse and sadistic plot twists with MC being able to do some different stuff from the other mahous.

3 Dolly Kill Kill

Dolly Kill Kill

It's post apocalyptical with giang wasps and dolls that just want to slice and dice everyone, so lots of gore scenes. It's on the list cuz these dolls look like the mahou shoujo of the end dolls.

4 Sekaioni


MC has similar abilities from the mahou shoujo of the end MC, seeing things that shouldn't be there but it comes from the great abuse she gets from her uncle's family, so count with violence here.

5 Magical Girl Raising Project

Magical Girl Raising Project

A magical girl survival game + gore festival.

6 Oukoku Game

Oukoku Game

Similar setting to the others, but this one is like a survival game of magical people.

7 Imawa no Kuni no Alice

Imawa no Kuni no Alice

Intense psycological setting with abilities and fight for survival involved.

8 Shadow Star Narutaru

Shadow Star Narutaru

It's as disturbing as the other works in the list. MC gets to know a magical creature underwater just to discover that instead of cute moments of fantasy dreams, a battle is happening and Earth is on the balance.

The plot is with kids and with disturbing turnings.


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