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I'm Liz. I go by many different nicknames. The one I use here isn't used much by others online thus making it easy to find me. It's a misnomer however: I'm not a mean person at all, but I am a lizard; technicallly a T-rex due to my bad arms which is another of my nicknames.

I'm a baker by profession and a nerd the rest of the time I'm not working. Gaming, art, visual novels, reading, writing, crafting, home decor, gardening, cooking, baking, party planning, collecting, listening to music, going to concerts, traveling, learning new things, coding, hanging with my husband/ family/friends/ dog, and watching movies or anime or shows are what makes my life worth living.

I'm partially disabled both mentally and physically and thus deal with pain and issues in life because of it. My hobbies, loved ones, cussing, and dark/weird humor/interests keep me going.

Remember not to judge a book by its cover. You might find me weird, but I'm honestly not that strange. 

Favorite Anime: Witch Hunter Robin, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, Excel Saga, Knights of Sidonia, Devil Is a Part-Timer, Deadman Wonderland, Durarara!!, Parasyte, Inuyasha, and Shimoneta.

Favorite Anime Movies: Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, The Boy & the Beast, Summer Wars, King of Thorn, Lu Over the Wall, Interstellar 5555- The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.

Favorite Manga: Absolute Boyfriend, Beck!, Fruits Basket, Kiss Him Not Me, Kamisama Kiss, Knights of Sidonia, Naruto.

Favorite Webcomic/toon: My Pet Bat (Raising Bat), Athena Complex, Flow, My Boo, Bastard, Winter Woods.

Got any recommendations? Just lemme know. 

Wanna say hi or discuss stuff? Feel free to comment here or message me. 

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Sirscaredyclaude Aug 30, 2023

School Rumble is pretty good for romantic comedy. I like it about as much as my girl from Ontario.

2023 hasn't exactly been my friends' luckiest year either.

I've been studying Japanese this season. Now I'm learning kanji which is harder to read than hiragana, the original Japanese woman's writing.

I thank the late Boyé Lafayette de Mente's Instant Japanese for getting me started with everyday Japanese.

Sirscaredyclaude Jun 23, 2023

Anyway! How are you doing miss? I've been reading School Rumble.

Sirscaredyclaude Mar 16, 2023

The author pretty much did it on purpose. Didn't even get paid well enough to give my favorite support character a decent ending. Died in cold blood instead.

That manga ended in 2012 which was pretty much its worst year. 2012 wasn't even my best year ever.

With that said, I'm doing fine this month and some Mortal Kombat fangirl that I know just had a 33rd birthday with her fiancée. I know that her man would get her manga as presents also.

With Calculus III out of the way, I'll be studying abstract algebra. Use that to complete my Jack of all trades training.

Sirscaredyclaude Mar 15, 2023

Anyway Liz, I completed Kurogane no Linebarrel even though the writer pulled a George R. R. Martin and killed off my favorite character.

With that manga out of the way, I'm ready to read Sorcerer Hunters or Digimon V-Tamers. A woman with an Asian husband told me that the Sorcerer Hunters manga has these interesting characters that never appeared in the Xebec adaptation.

Yes, she's happy with her man. Kind of like you.

Sirscaredyclaude Aug 9, 2022

Oh! I´m doing fine and now that I´ve set foot in Mexico, I can read more of Kurogane no Linebarrel. I once heard that Fafner in the Azure were aired here with Spanish subs.