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Mar 2, 2021

uhh this is a anime from uhh a new studio not well suited for translation of media into this form, that being animation. Ex-arm is one of the mangas i read before i got into anime,and such uhh i gave this a try, am still watching since it can't beat the dumpster fire that was uhh domestic kanojo or uhh ero-manga sensei. uhh this seems to have surpassed that.

uhh i'll keep watching this so others don't have to. uhh it's uh good for ages 7 and below is what i can say. at that age most of the audience tends to focus on the giant explosions and punches rather than how good they are animated.I think the staff is not at blame here,they work with what they have and what they're given to work on. uhh i think this should be a good opportunity for the studio to reflect on and try to reach better animation standards in the future.uhh i'm not spoiling since well there's very little to.

for the rest of the manga readers, uhh please just read the manga instead.

0.8/10 story
10/10 animation
0.5/10 sound
1.2/10 characters
10/10 overall

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kanekistoenail Nov 3, 2021

i agree with your statement (except the 10/10 part) the manga was fine but the anime lacked so many things in so many ways it was way too unrealistic and rushed the cgi was sloppy and poorly done and the animations were inconsistent af

BaJJ420 Nov 3, 2021

uhhh this is uhhh uhh

PinkBoy Apr 28, 2021

uhh how does the overall add up to uhh 10 out of 10.

mqri Mar 22, 2021

lmaooooooo i like you for this

insertfunnyusername Mar 19, 2021

did you just put 10/10 for animation?????