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Hiya! I'm Hanna,Little . I've recently got into anime and have cleared the Phase-I of an Anime watcher and have lost the ability to watch multiple series in a day. Currently i am able to blaze through 6 Episodes of a series i like at max, i'm going to try regaining the power to consume anime at Phase-I level . I have been on the sidelines making fun of anime fans for years,now as i look at it,its like you can't make this shit up. I think at this point i've watched most of the Anime's i had an interest in and that had a good score on MAL,i keep finding that scores do not make the show. So please if you could recommend any shows that you think someone new should watch.

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TadeKuuMushi Sep 15, 2022

10/10 for Ex-Arm? I like this person already.

Efinate Aug 7, 2022

This is for the review of ex-arm if the anime was bad why did u even give a 10 overall score?? Plzz change the score if it's a mistake