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Hey sup dude !

By some random chance you have stumbled across this little page in your lifetime, Hi im Emily nice to meet ya.

I have just resently started getting HELLA into anime so if you wanna give me suggestions I would really appreciate that thank youuuu.

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Vashyron Jan 13, 2019

Hello Emily, i can give you some recommendations. What did you enjoy most so far ? :) 

frankstleBilly Jan 7, 2018

Hey pal! Thanks very much for the follow! And sorry for the late follow-back, I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the site. I’m back now though, so feel free to message me back if you’re after any recommendations and such! ^^

evillaunch Jan 2, 2018

Thanks for the follow! I saw that you watch SAO... Did you watch SAO II? because you didn't put it here XD... if you like it, maybe you can watch Overlord, the second season of it is in emission now... or maybe you can watch "Is it wrong try to pick up girls in a dungeon?" even you can watch Accel world, that is oriented some years after SAO :D

PS: I'm sorry my English is so bad haha

BumanHeing Dec 24, 2017

Thanks for the follow!

NamikoYori Dec 9, 2017

I am very glad to see you on Anime – Planet! Hope you’re enjoying your time here. :3
If you have problems with finding something here or just need help – feel free to leave a comment on my profile (sure if you feel like you need just to talk to somebody you also can left me a comment), I will answer as quick as possible! I believe you will love this web site and it will be useful, also it’s a great opportunity to meet new people here, discuss with them about masterpieces you’ve watched and have a lot of fun together (Go ahead, you have nothing to worry about)!