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Alebord Jun 11, 2017

I got hundreds of gifs saved X)

Witch winter anime are you watching? Loving it? 

For me it's the oposite XD My summer list is almost done!  And i'm watching too much lately!

''What anime have you watched in spring so far?''

You don't know what you got yourself into.. I hope you love reading..!

Alice & Zouroku, 4★ Love it! Story&art are on point! :3

Anonymous Noise, 3★ average.. some cringe.. good enough

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, 3.5★ That's good! love it! 

Attack on Titan 2nd Season, 3.5★ Huh, i mean.. it's obviously good ^^

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, 4★ I heard naruto?! I'll watch that!

Clockwork Planet, 4★ Love it! The clockwork and all the stuff is great! The main character is awesome too!

Eromanga Sensei, 3.5★ You must have heard of this.. it's great.. Weird, but great

Granblue Fantasy The Animation, 3.5★ I love it! everything is awesome! I love the story and the art looks good!

Grimoire of Zero, 4★ this one is awesome too XD The beast and the loli! It's an awesome story and it looks just perfect! :3

Hinako Note, 3★ that's something.. The girl that eat books is amazing and it'S cute sometimes.

ID-0, 3★ i didn't expected to enjoy the story that much! I'm not a big fan of the art tho ;P

KADO: The Right Answer, 3.5★ Not only it's good, but it got real good! Really surprising! love it! The art isn't that good tho.. all CG

Love Tyrant, 3.5★  Fun show with fun stuff for fun! 


This gif might contain a spoiler of my hero academia 2, click only if you have guts! I mean if you don't mind!

Here's a family friendly one instead, just in case you don't watch it!

Quan Zhi Gao Shou, 4★ The art is fine, but that story is just gorgeous! There all adults too, feels weird XD Love it tho

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Sou, 4★  a prefect sequel! The story is awesome once again ^^

Re:Creators, 3.5★ 2 ep ago i would've said i don't really love it, but it got really good! There's just too much talking --'

This gif contain a spoiler of RE:creator, click only at your own risk (It looks good tho)

Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records, 4★ Really good! Art&story are both there!

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat, 3.5★ huh huh huh second season huh huh huh second sucess

Sakurada Reset, 3.5★ I expected the story to be really awesome, but it's just good, still it's good tho. not a big fan of the art tho

Sakura Quest 3★, that'S meh, but somehow i still manage to enjoy each episode.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka?, 3.5★ O.O I love the story! But like a lot! At first the art didn't really got me, but now it god a certain charm. :3

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, 3★ Oh.. Eh.. How do i explain that... I didn't know what it was at first and the story of the fallen angel was interesting.. i got a liking to it.. then it became more.. explicit..

Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side, 4.5★ Ais! Ais! Ais! Incredible! Fantastic! My favourite of the season! Duh! ^^♥

The Royal Tutor, 3.5★ I thought that was going to be a ''men x men'' type of show more for women entertainement, but it's actually pretty good XD And it's getting better ~

The Silver Guardian, 4★ Short&Sweet! It's 13min epsodes and it's awesome! :3

Tsuki ga Kirei, 4★ Hearwarming cuteness overload! Awn~♥

DONE! Well kind of, since i'm crasy here's more stuff!

Here's a few i don't consider weekly, but that i still watch when the eps are out, 

Soutai Sekai, 3★Oh? Wait? I was expecting some low budget kind of boring show, but that wasn't it! The art style isn't so bad for some CG ANIMATION and the story!!! O: What is going to happen i NEED to know what's next!

Henkei Shoujo, 2★ It's 1 minute wasted, but i would watch more..

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni..., 1.5★ Every ep is the intro of a hentai.. (4 min episodes)

Hey, President Trap-kun!, 2★ that somehow was funny..

Asagao to Kase-san., -★ Still want to watch, didn't saw it yet

I also dropped these shows;

Frame Arms Girl, 2.5★ mini girls fighting.. 

Room Mate, 1.5★ One room, but with boys and less good

Tsugumomo, 2★ I don't liek the art style and the story ;P

Now i'm done! Just need to add a few (lol) gifs


Alebord May 22, 2017

A message a month sounds good XD 

We didn't found it yet, but we got a bit closer.. People does are stupid! 

Thanks, i've been great! 

Dragon maid was so popular the second season will probably come soon XD 

That k-on gif is great! Because of it i've gone on a rampage of gifs... i got probably more then 20 new gifs of k-on.. and more of other stuff X)


Alebord May 1, 2017

And even with that time i replied to almost nobody in a week ^^ I was sooo busy X)

''It's not often I hear people say how good the background music is, it must be good!''

I know right? I was like woah i never paid attention to that, but it's great! :3 So hyped about that anime, so it helps ^^ Well i'm hyped about all the ongoing in general ;)

''Too hot! >->''

Yeah i wish it was too hot right now (I'll say the complete oposite in a few weeks ;) Butttt, that gif tho! Nice one! It's fun to look at (hu hu) and it's even funny in the end! Good job ahah! 

*dogs in the first video, Yeah i didn't paid much attention to them before XD

Oh i see the 4wheels part..... It's comming back... F*** I'm kinda (really) mad&pissed&frustrated right now... 

My father got his bike (4wheels) stole, so we looked for it and followed the traks for hours (for a reallllly long time) and ended up really far, but like reallllyyyy far, but we lost the tracks on the road (In the forest it was kind easy), but we ended up calling the police.. 

But that's not why i'm frustrated.. 

We put a post thing on facebook with a reward of 200$ (It might help) It's not we have to put one anyway, but we did just in case it could help you know? Then we got this ''Your reward money is less than the actual 4 wheeler'' ................. Sorry for my little Quebecois words, but i have to... ''Duh!? Tabarnak?!'' Only thing i could think of! It's not like we want to buy OUR 4wheels.. it's ours F***! What are people thinking these days? I wouldn't put a reward of that much i'll just buy another one the F? 

Sorry for that it got me really pissed --'

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i'll keep going on fun stuff XD

Those cute gifs :3

*Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, It got pretty popular ^^ A second season would be great! It's not one of my favourite (It's good don't get me wrong i gave it above average ;), so you're probably more hyped about it tho ^^

My weekend was fine, busy, but fine thanks! Hope yours was great! 


Alebord Apr 20, 2017

Don't worry about the late reply i really don't mind ^^ (It's because of the late reply that i can reply to everyone X)

*Pick up girls dungeon sequel, So glad! I love it! I only saw one ep and i already gave it 4.5★ ^^ Even the music felt good and it's not something i pay attention to! (Not the op/ending i mean the background music in the ep) ♥ Now i need the ep 2,3,4,5,... the 2th one is comming tomorrow!! :3 It's like the first time i'm really hyped about something and that it reached my expectation! 'yay 

''It's not rained for about a month and a half here,''

Woah that's something! Sometimes we don't have much rain around august, but not that long just a couple weeks ;P

''That looks so cool but incredibly dangerous, and I can't imagine anymore than that, I think the most i've seen is about two inches in England.''

Ah Ah Ah.. two inches.. that's not much X) When we have a lot it's about +10 and the average is i'd say.. 4 to 6. Less then that it's like nothing ^^

And yes sometimes it's annoying!

*Here''Woah, that looks like a blizzard compare to what we have here!''

blizzard? ah ah that's a lot of snow, but blizzard have a little bonus *a lot of wind*  and look more like this  sorry the video is bad, but nobody is dumb enough to go outside and film it XD And this year wasn't that bad ^^ Some years were crazy! There are some that we'll alawys remember X) 1998- ''The crisis of freezing rain'' (that a rough traduction) or Ohh This will explain ^^ (Just skip parts lol it's too long) 

''I would love to drive one of them one day (winter one) because it looks soo cool,''

Yes it is and the fun part is that you can go ANYWHERE with those! you can climb almost 90degree XD and those like float on snow once i got off and tried to walk and i fell down in snow like 4 feet lower then it was X) (In a place that on with weels can't go) 

''I spend probably about 75% of my free time playing games, rest I spend watching anime :3 ''

What i was doing a few years ago X)

''Welp, it got a little later this time, i'll try and respond straight away next time! >-<''

Take your time! 

''Aww, Ritsu is adorable! I'm not much of a fan of K-On but Azusa is by far my favourite character, she's so adorable and the Neko ears add to the cuteness! ^-^ I just wanna hug her so bad!!''

She's the best ^^ Nekos stuff in general are, but she got something XD (My profile picture is suposed to be her ;) K-on is good, but it's not one of my favourite ;P It took me a lot of time to actually finish it, because i was watching one ep then doing some other stuff, because needed a break ^^ -Still didn't saw the movie. 

*Watching so many ongoing right now *.* :3


Alebord Apr 17, 2017

Happy Easter! ♥