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hisokasbungeec0m Feb 13, 2021

you're a gary stu

Mirul98 Feb 12, 2021

was ainz ever portrayed as the good guy though ? i don't think he was (he is a gray moral-ish character i think), all the things he do in season 1 and 2 all are things that has benefits towards him and his servants. people who praised him throughout the series are the ones who are afraid of his power (if he wasn't shown as powerful as he was, nobody would praise him or worship him), just my opinion though i'm not the writer.

ainz kills alot of people in overlord i agree, but they weren't good people either. he didn't straight out murder kids here or harmless prisoners like light did in death note, he was murdering ARMED soldiers who pose a threat to him. i love light too, but he is a straight out villain after he kills the fbi people for sure. ainz is kinda morally gray character, leaning more on evil than good though.

for example, i think askeladd from VS suffers from this problem more. the writer obviously wants you to sympathize with him but the things he do in the series is so bad. (worse than what ainz did, the suffering he causes to the villagers in all his raid etc) just my 2cents, i appreciate your opinion and comment on my profile. it is interesting to read different views.

Mirul98 Feb 5, 2021

<div class="userContent">what do you expect the author of overlord to not glorified ainz's actions ? ainz is the main character of the story, yagami light the main character from death note (a very well acclaimed show) is also glorified for his actions of killing small-time criminals who doesn't deserve to get the death penalty. does that make the story/character itself bad ? i don't think so, but if that's your opinion i can't really disagree with it since you have the right to voice out your opinions.</div> <div class="userContent"> </div> <div class="userContent">i think you have great taste btw, peace!</div>

herpesfree Jul 23, 2020

But wasn't your main issue the genocide?

Gah nevermind , if we continue it will become an endless chain of comments. Let's just stay with our own ideology.

herpesfree Jul 23, 2020

The anime 'Naruto' is about the shinobi world and killing is much more common than in real life .

Also I saw you have lelouch in your favourites , he is one of my favourites too. The whole plot of code Geass was that Lelouch started a rebellion against Britannia for their injustice towards the Japanese. He started a war in which lots of innocent and guilty people died but he was able to bring peace . The situation is quite similar with Itachi too, through the genocide Itachi was able to bring in greater peace. Then why do you love one and hate another?