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Numan1v9 Apr 16, 2020

"Oh, the same old tired "the ends justify the means" philosophy then? I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. It doesn't justify the atrocities he and his minions committed in pursuit of his ambitions."

"Yes, it would be perfectly right. True, sometimes there are circumstances where certain actions that would normally be evil, instead become more grey. But there is no justification to Ainz's actions. He could have stopped the vicious cycle. Instead, he's perpetuating it, with himself as the oppressor."

No, I'm not saying that ends justify means. I'm not an utilitarian but I'm saying different eras/cultures may require  different philosophies. Ofc it would be wrong at today's world but you need to see these things from different angles. At Ainz's old world and the new world human life isn't precious as today's world. They don't see things in our eyes. Like I said, it wouldn't be right to judge them with our moral standards. He's not a human anymore so he doesn't think these things like us. It's true that he could stop this but like I said he's too scared and he also believes this is for the Nazarick's, aka only thing he cares about, future. Like I said, he's not a good nor an evil person. 

"He should know by now that the NPCs are unquestioningly loyal to him, and that if he were to explain that they misinterpreted him, they would fall over themselves trying to please him. Instead, he just goes along with what they decide. That's criminally negligent at best."

It's not just about their loyalty. He doesn't wanna disappoint them. It's not an easy thing to confess everything. They all see him as an all knowing super intelligent being and he always acted as one. And now he can't confess. I mean put yourself in his shoes. Could you tell them that you lied to them all along? Also, he thinks if Nazarick's most intelligent beings have planned something then surely the plan would be good and he can't create a better one. So he goes along with it. He thinks if he does something he could botch their plans. 

"At a certain point, when the consequences are this terrible, carelessness stops being an excuse. In this case, the consequences are far more important than the intent.

And at any rate, actions such as the war against the Lizardmen, the massacre of the Workers and the slaughter at Katze Plains cannot be considered as anything but evil."

How can he be careful if he doesn't think at all. He just asked something and Demiurge said "Oh, so that was your intentions." or something like that. He didn't think things would end like this. Yes, it's his fault but it just happened. This has nothing to do with him being evil or whatnot. If you accidentally start a fire and cause a lot of people's deaths would that make you evil. About his actions, I don't think they are that far off from our world. US used nukes on Japan and Ainz massacred an army at an open battle. In Ainz's eyes, Workers were just greedy thiefs. He gave them a lot of chances but they still gone deeper in his home and worst off all tried to lie to him about his friends. Do you think they would let him go if Ainz was weaker. They would kill him and it wouldn't matter for them if he was a human, elf or something else.

"I can judge him by my standards, and I will. Yes, it's sad that he comes from an utter cesspit of a world. No, this doesn't make it right for him and his minions to force a change through violence and dictatorship. It doesn't give him the right to make everyone suffer."


"And to be honest, I really doubt he could be a good king, seeing how he's become divorced from his own humanity."

Ofc he's not a good king and that's why he doesn't bother about these things and lets Albedo handle with these matters. But, becoming divorced from his humanity isn't a reason for him to be a bad king. This world contains a lot of races, not just humans. In fact humanity is just a minority in this world. 

Numan1v9 Apr 13, 2020

Well, humanity was fucked anyway. They're the weakest race there is. They have always been on the verge of extinction. There's a lot of other races as well. Even then they still fight with each other. Empire tried starve all of the Kingdom's populace and Slaine Theocracy wanted Kingdom to be destroyed so they can create a new country from its ashes. Kingdom is too corrupted. There was slavery in the Kingdom until a few years ago and it's still continues despite the fact that it's illegal now. And we all know how they treated to the slaves. Empire still has slavery. So the utopia which he tries to create is actually good for them. It wouldn't be right to judge him from our standards. First of all NW isn't a wholesome place. Strong prey on weak. There's no exception to this rule and Ainz is the strongest person there is. He doesn't enjoy doing this but he's too scared that he would disappoint the NPCs. That's one of his biggest flaw. I mean, in the latest volume he didn't even understood what he had done. Demiurge said something and then Ainz tried to bullshit his way through and we know how did that ended. Yes he's weak from that point but these are not his intentions. These are Demiurge's interpretations of Ainz's actions. I hate what happened at the last volume but Ainz's fault at what happened was his carelessness not him evil or something else. I'm not saying he is a good guy but he's not an evil guy either. We shouldn't judge him from our standards because he came from a different society. For him it was a common scene to people and children dying on the streets. In the EESS we saw what Ainz actually is. I mean there's still a lot of thing to write. 

Iriamu Oct 6, 2019

Have you not seen the backstory for Madara? He had personality lmfao

CrimsonCondor Jul 30, 2019

Thank you for defending Seryuu Ubiquitous! I adore her.

TheIllIntent Jul 18, 2019

On Aquarius - I actually don't think she has anything against Lucy in partiuclar, it's just how she'd act towards anyone who owns her key 'cause she has some resentment over feeling like a slave. I don't think her relationship with Lucy developed as nicely as say, Lucy with Juvia or Flare, but at least it's not the bullshit we were given with Lucy and Minerva. :P