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herpesfree Jul 23, 2020

But wasn't your main issue the genocide?

Gah nevermind , if we continue it will become an endless chain of comments. Let's just stay with our own ideology.

herpesfree Jul 23, 2020

The anime 'Naruto' is about the shinobi world and killing is much more common than in real life .

Also I saw you have lelouch in your favourites , he is one of my favourites too. The whole plot of code Geass was that Lelouch started a rebellion against Britannia for their injustice towards the Japanese. He started a war in which lots of innocent and guilty people died but he was able to bring peace . The situation is quite similar with Itachi too, through the genocide Itachi was able to bring in greater peace. Then why do you love one and hate another?

herpesfree Jul 23, 2020

Yes , Genocide is a huge crime, but if he didn't do the genocide the whole village would have been wrecked, there would have been a war and much more people would have died . By doing the genocide Itachi might have committed a crime but he had done a greater deed which far surpassed his evil deed, to the point where his evil deed seems much inferior to his good deed. Life doesn't always go smoothly you might have to take some steps which might be questionable at times. Not to mention this is an anime not a real life , these kind of occurrences is not rare in an anime like this.

Maybe thats what I like about Naruto, the plot twisted in such a way that the villain one we hated is now loved by many.

infxen8 Jul 7, 2020

just forget it for now... talking about it will only make things worse

infxen8 Jun 30, 2020

relax kid, think again before u come to these conclusions... around whole bunch of characters in deathnote were idiots except a few smart ones... hope you get my point you motherfucking dicksucker :)