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Yona of the Dawn

Jan 19, 2016

An average anime fan would mostly enjoy this.


It was cliche at best, but there're a few moments where it kept me on the edge of my seat. One complaint I do want to address was the lack of foreseeing the Four Dragon Quest. I felt like the author, to continue the story, added it last minute and didn't properly set it up. It was too rushed and sudden. However, the anime made an interesting use of politics. 


I'm not a huge fan of the character designs with a few exceptions, but the most critical points in the story was treated with beautiful animation.  


The opening caught me in surprise. I didn't expect voiceless opening. 


The characters are also rather cliche. While I do appreciate character development, something that for reason is hard to achieve in anime, it didn't introduce anything complex within the characters. Yona, is kind-hearted, stubborn, strong, beautiful and is easily able to persuade people to join her side and so much more...... I've seen those traits in various other female characters and there was nothing new added to her character type. She wasn't complex, but she did develop. As for the secondary characters, they were interesting, kinda of; but after revealing their past and their views on their powers and gifts, I was hoping to see more conflict because of the four dragon's contrasting opinion, but it ended so suddenly, so I felt like their character development was done and gone, which is a disappointment. Also, after seeing this group of men surrounding the female protagonist, I predicted that, most likely, many of her comrades would develop feelings for her, and I was right. It would have been interesting if they added another female character or had one of the male character develop feelings for another character or were involved with someone else before the start of the story.  


Like I said, if you are interested in female protagonists, fantasy and romance, then you'll probably love this anime. 

5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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