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Hey hey hey!! Nice to meet ya!  You can call me Kyumi~

I'm an introverted girl and i love anime, manga, games, music and drawing.

The bg is one of my oc's drawn by Kiwoiri06 on Instagram. Pfp is also one of my oc's drawn by myself.

My top 10 favourite anime series are:

1. Kamisama hajimemashita

2. Noragami

3. Naruto (shippuden)

4. Kimetsu no yaiba

5. Bungo Stray Dogs

Season 1

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

7. My next life as a villainess: All routes lead to doom


8. Horimiya

9. My little monster

10. Yona of the Dawn

My top 3 favourite anime movies are:

1. Hotarubi no mori e

2. A Whisker Away

3. A Silent Voice

And yeah besides watching anime i love games!

such as: The legend of zelda series

pokemon games,

yo-kai watch games,

Xenoblade Cronicles,

Mystic Messenger,

Obey Me! Shall we date?, 

Love Unholyc

Twisted Wonderland,

Ensemble Stars,

Honkai impact 3rd,

Genshin impact,

project diva,

monster hunter stories

and moreee.

i love music from: Mafumafu, Hatsune Miku, Alan Walker, Honeyworks, LiSA,  ツユ, 天月-あまつき, 米津玄師, Eve and nightcore from: Syrex and Chino~

My favorite j-drama is "Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo"

My favorite c-drama is "The Untamed"

You can also find me at

Instagram: kyumi_ch

MyAnimeList kyumi_ch's Profile -


Genres i like: rom-coms,, action/adventure/fantasy and (fluffy) shounen ai.

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GalezOasis Mar 9, 2021

Hello!! Thank you for the follow, I apologize if I'm late to follow you back!!

I hope we can get to have a conversation and get to know one another! What's your favorite anime or manga? I know it's a hard one.

Have a lovely day, afternoon or evening!!

ffcfran Feb 14, 2021

love your top ten anime!

osaka Jan 28, 2021

Thank you sm for the follow! How is your day/evening going? :D

Venuette Nov 17, 2020

I'm again replying late, I'm really sorry...

Oh, Braixen is interesting and good choice! I feel like that Fennekin line is really underrated, Fennekin is definitely my favourite gen 6 starter. I like Chespin, but I don't like his evolutions that much and I couldn't get attached to Froakie line, idk why. My favourite Pokémon game is Black and White, I also love Emerald and Platinum. I feel like BW is super underrated. Gen 5 Pokedex is my favourite, and I really love the story, characters and music from both gen 5 games. <3 It is a shame that the gen 5 anime wasn't really enjoyable for me. >: At first, I was dissapointed that USUM wasn't seuqel, but after playing the game, I realized that I like it more than the original SM. My favourite is Jumin, he is really funny and interesting character imho, I also love his route. I also love Saeran, I felt so sorry for him, he deserves to be happy. <3 I pretty much like every Mystic Messenger character, expect Rika, and I have mixed feelings on V. Congrats on getting Keqing! I want her as her, she is my favourite character both design wise and personality wise, I also love the fact that she is voiced by Kitamura Eri! <3 I don't have five star yet, but I'm happy with the four stars I have. I have Chongyun, Fischl and Barbara, which are all in my top 10 characters. I will try to wish for Zhongli, I love him as character, and I also want Xinyan. I noticed that you like Eve and Vocaloid. Which songs made by Eve are your favourite? And which Vocaloid songs and producers are your favourite?

stardust2222 Oct 29, 2020

Thanks for the follow how would you feel if you saw this in real life