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Hey Y'all . Im just A Normal  Student With Big Dreams

As all Anime Fans i love Japan  Its culture and everything about the country. Definitely Will visit Someday..... The country captured  my heart with its awesome traditions, History , Amazing talent of the people. So I Have A Massive Love and Respect For Japan.

Anime is one of the things i adore. It all started with my childhood days watching  kids manga anime like Pokémon,Doraemi,Ninja Hattori,Atashinchi, Maruko Chan , Doraemon,Shinchan.... and the  list Goes on. One they they all have in common... They're  Japanese and Japanese culture is somewhat deplicted in them which filled my childhood. ..Then when i was 13 i came across K-On....  Not the Greatest anime But thats the First anime which made me fall on love with anime.  At first i only watched anime for  cute and beautiful characters , because i liked how unique they are with beautiful Huge EYES ,Amazing HAIR etc etc. It was  Obvious  to me That ANIME was Different from any other kind of animation...... So Freaking Beautiful!!!! And i only watched  beautiful  anime ,the ones that appealed to my eyes. even if they didnt have a good story..... And as we know Beauty does get boring after a  while. and i kinda grew bored with anime and left it for a while.....  Little did i know that there was a world full of miraculous ,Out of this World anime out there ,That unfortunately didn't  Appeal to me when i was a kid. and i regret it now so much .Now  i only crave  for  the REAL ANIME .Like ACTION ,SCI-FI, PSYCHOLOGICAL,THRILLER ,HORROR etc and i love them sooo much more. Not exaggerating but the stories and characters take up a part of my life . And i realized how much great anime I've missed. But its never too late . thats how my thinking in anime changed

And im having a blast watching Great Anime all Day😂

What My Rating Means ( at least For me to refer later)

2.5 = Average..... wasnt Good Or Bad either

3 = Better ..... Was Just a little Better than Average .it Was Okay

3.5 =Nice......I enjoyed The Anime 

4 = Good.... Well Done !!  It Was A Good Anime

4.5 = Great..... Awesome Anime It Impressed me a Lot

5 = Mind Blowing...... the Most Fantastic Anime Ive Ever Seen and ill Remember it Forever

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InstantRamen416 Jun 3, 2019

Hey! Thanks for following my profile!

Also, Patema Inverted is amazing! You should totally watch it!

sofiafernandus Feb 12, 2017

Hiiii! I am from India too though I live in Saudi arabia 😊😊😄😄😄😄

Anamaii Dec 24, 2016

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !!!! ;)))))

Ritska Oct 23, 2016

Hii ! 

FullmetalDragon Oct 10, 2016

Hi, and welcome to Anime Planet! Hope you enjoy your time here! ^^

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to leave me a comment!