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I am surprised to be the first one to add a review and no I am not ashamed to review before the anime ends, there is no need to wait. 

Its...not that good. Especially for somebody who really likes the original novels, manga and anime before. 

What happened? I think every problem this series have is pacing issues. They simply try to fit so much stuff in to the episodes which forces them to cut needed character development. It also forces them to put exposition more in to dialog and Touma looks more stupid and boring then he does in the light novel, by far. 
They are faithfull to the material, but lacklaster. It all feels like just "make it as it is written, don't think about it much, just do it... first take and let's move to some bath scence!" 
What they did change, or rather cenzure was the moment: SPOILER

When Misaka realizes that she loves Touma. It happened generaly very similary, except Touma wasn't tired looking, but covered in blood and brusies, he was barely not passing out with electrotes from the hospital machine still on his head. When she saw him she didnt went completly dere, she was worried, confused and then as he left she figure it out, LITERARY changing her personal reality. For those who don't know that is what makes her ESP powers work and changing that can change the ability! That impactfull... did it feel like that i the anime? Not by a long shoot. 

6/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
8/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Heirou Mar 19, 2019

I agree with most of what you said, the worst parts for me were the pacing and most of the action scenes, specially the ton of swordfights in this season, the fights were stiff and halfhearted, the hits didn't carry any weight, and the whole magic side arcs were pretty messy, again with the pacing, i never knew if hours or months have passed within arcs and events.

Lackluster and unimpactfull describe the season really well, i'll give you that.