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Hello! Welcome to my profile!

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My name's Lena and I'm into a lot of different kinds of anime! I'm honestly okay with pretty much every genre now and I love them all! I love watching both new and old anime, what year the show is from has basically no effect on me! I love doing anime challenges like the ABC Bingo Challenge in the forum, so you may see me there a lot! There are some seasons where I have burnout from it though and sometimes I just wanna chill and clean off some of my stalled shows :)


My philosophy is that a bad show is better than a boring one, so yes, I LOVE 'garbage' junk food anime like Rent-a-Girlfriend, School Days, etc.


My goal is to watch one thousand anime!


Other than watching anime, I love playing video games, singing, and drawing. I am a college student currently going for a masters in music education, so music is a big part of my life! I love listening to anime openings and endings all the time, it's a big factor in what makes me love an anime even more. For games, I love story focused JRPGs like Persona and Fire Emblem, but I also just love casual relaxing fun like simulator games (especially farming sims! Rune Factory is the best of both worlds though). 


When I rate anime, I'm not too precise about it. Sooo I might have a lot of 5/5s! I try not to rate too many shows a 5/5, but that means I really liked them! I'd say anything below 3 stars is something I just did NOT like!


Here's some of my favorite anime of all time!


One Piece

Luffy One Piece GIF - Luffy One Piece Anime - Discover & Share GIFs


Tokyo Revengers

Mikey Tokyo Revengers Manga GIF - Mikey Tokyo Revengers Tokyo Revengers  Mikey - Discover & Share GIFs




108 Chobits Gifs - Gif Abyss


Sailor Moon

Marinero de la luna | Sailor moon art, Sailor moon gif, Sailor moon  wallpaper


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni



School Days

Image result for kotonoha katsura gif | Yandere characters, Yandere, Anime


Yona of The Dawn

Akatsuki No Yona Yona Of The Dawn GIF - Akatsuki No Yona Yona Of The Dawn  Anime - Discover & Share GIFs



I appreciate any follows and comments on my profile! I usually follow back! Feel free to comment some anime recs, I'm pretty much down for anything (though if its above 26 episodes I miiight need some more convincing!) I also love talking about characters (every time I finish an anime I heart all the characters I loved!!!) so let me know who your fave anime characters are from shows we have both watched!


By the way, I'm a huge self-shipper and draw myself being in love with multiple fictional men and women lol. I AM CRINGE BUT I AM FREE!!!!


Thanks for visiting my profile ~


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AquamarineGem Dec 25, 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

XxZeroeZxX Nov 28, 2023

That 100 Girlfriends show is friggin hilarious I lov it, it's such a satire and oddly wholesome given the subject matter... tho I don't much like the new girl, Eiai-san is my favorite ^_^

Frieren is a show that was literally made for me, I'm all about a nostalgia trip and the characters are so full of life :)

I'm following some others, like Helck, which finally finished its like 7 episode flashback arc... which has to be among one of the most bizarre storytelling decisions I've ever seen in anime lol. I still enjoy it tho, Helck himself is great, but it's pretty much a one-man band, no one else in the show really matters haha

What else... Oh I'm watching the goofy boss show, that man is so dang goofy lol

I think the new Spice and Wolf is coming out like next season, that'll be noteworthy I'm sure

XxZeroeZxX Nov 28, 2023

Yes my wife and I just shared one earlier, I think winter is kind of the season for citrus... you can have one ^_^

So are you watching any current seasonal anime by chance?

XxZeroeZxX Nov 28, 2023

Your strawberries are very sparkly... Hello Ichigo *waves*

We don't currently have any strawberries, but we do have mandarins... would you like one? ^_^

Ergoprox Nov 19, 2023

Thanks for the follow!

Feel free to ask me how to convert iron in gold, but probably I dont know how.

see ya around!