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As you can probably infer from my profile picture, Winry Rockbell is pretty important to me- FMA:B is my first manga/anime series from when I was younger and Winry is the first character I've ever loved that hard.

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trustmyreviews Jun 5, 2022

yeah thank you :) ♡

trustmyreviews May 6, 2022

i hope you give the manwha a try. the art is quite bad but the anime has so many missed details.

(sorry im just a big fan )

Kshiteezh May 1, 2022

I agree with you. But only for naho( younger one, who got the letter) because she don't know that suwa have feelings for her. 

Naho who wrote the letter deserve hate. Because she already married with a guy who loves her ,care about her and ready to anything for her. And she even have a son. But then also she still not care about suwa and wrote a letter even though she knew what can happen.

So,  I don't like her. Suwa deserve someone better than her. 

OsumarefromMAL Feb 21, 2022

"Thank you for becoming a mass murderer"

Lol I used to think Naruto calling Obito a cool guy was the worst way a villain could be glorified or downplayed in their acts against humanity but AOT proved me wrong. And can you believe some people in the fandom still try to justify that (LOL)?

OsumarefromMAL Feb 13, 2022

"but it's like he took Sakura, gave her the personality of flat soda, made her a competent fighter, and then said BOOM done"

Yep exactly, it's ironic tbh how much Mikasa gets praised (well nowadays more people are calling her character out but back when AOT was first getting popular boy did she have a lot of rabid fans) for being a great female character by some people yet she is not only a bad female character but literally is just Sakura in every way and form except that she 1) is not useless and 2) is introverted.  She has the same issues of lacking depth compared to her male allies, revolving around a man that treats her terribly, and not having many memorable moments outside of the battleground, as well as the issue of having a good moment of character development just for it to regress significantly due to her crush on a man.