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My name is Chijike and I am a Game Designer, Programmer & Enviormental Artist who lives in Kansas. I love to talk about alot of things, such as... Security, Operating Systems, Anime and Gaming. 

Hmm, perhaps I should be more specific in describing myself since this is a bio.... ok...  Like Hitler, I have a million kills and only one death, I camp more than Anne Frank, and get more care packages than Haiti. O, and I get more first blood's than the eigth grade girls' bathroom. Now that i think about, it took Jesus three days to respawn...talk about lag.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm generally fairly open about most things, and try to be nice when I feel I can :3


Rating Scale  ("be sure to check out the lists tab")

"What did this bring to my day?" / "What did this bring to my life?"

{Simplified Raiting}
0.5 = Less then shit which is a true achievment! Id, like to erase it from my mind. [Critical Flaws]
1    = Eternal Dumbster fired Blessed by hell as sacred garbage! [Critical Flaws]
1.5 = Failure Too many things went wrong to salvage the worthwhile pieces.   [Critical Flaws]
2    = below average / I expect at least this as a minimum standard for anime or manga before being released to the general public.. .  [Critical Flaws]
2.5 = Above average / attempted something different / good try  "Would I recommend this?" If it came up in context.


3    = Memorable / I smiled   It was strong enough in its core factors to be memorable
3.5 = I thinked / I was Emotionally Invested / i smiled  -->  I Smiled/ I was Affected or Immersed
4    = Excellent but rough around the edges /  lot of questions. It might have been mired in its concepts by the end, but still innovative/dramatic/enjoyable
4.5 = Best Experiance / Missing 1 or 3 Critical things.
5    = Favorite List Worthy / I laid back in my chair at the end & applauded or shed tears. Well Done! 

Note's "Ending is "Paramount" a bad ending drops a raiting number by 1 or 2 full stars. Story's should end at a point where people are satisifed enough that a second or third season is just bonus expansion content and not intended for the purpose of answering question's left unanswered by first season. I keep finding ova's being used again and again as giant plot hole patch's. Sword art online extra edition is a glowing face palm example of this. 

Judgement does not take voice acting into consideration because I simply don't care about english dub, sub or any other language as long I can understand it and story is clear enough to follow. It most case's I don't care about the graphic's. So it's rare for me to factor that in. I make exception's depending on who creatively they were able to make the graphics affect the story, world or character's themselves.  I hate it when shows mention location's we will never see such as minor country's that are talked about once. Just that alone is a red flag because i was just told the world is much bigger then i thought and they the creature must of had had document's of lore lore . i unlike most people care about lore and take great joy in reading through episode wiiki's.

For me the primary concern is character development, world building, Immersiveness, details.


Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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1,532 total

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Hi there! 

Thanks a lot for the follow.  I'm now following you back. :3 

Feel free to contact me any time you wish to have a chat.  

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Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you!

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Damn now i gotta put the 2nd season of Date A Live on my current watch list. lol :p

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Haiiii~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ♥

Thanks for following me! :D

Merry Christmas! ^^

DarkMakor Dec 17, 2014

Nice GIF's you got there i like the shakugan-no-shana and TERA ones in particular. o: