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♥ Too old and little pessimistic anime consumer living in Finland.
♥ Started with Pokémon in '99 and Sailormoon in '01. Since then I've been actively watching anime and reading manga.
♥ I'm also rabid collector of anime & videogame goodies. I like scaled figures and nendoroids, cups and coasters, rubber straps and other misc goodies.
♥ My favourite anime genre are horror, (adventure) shounen, samurai and psychological  ~but my overall taste is wide.
♥ ...On the other hand I don't tend to like ecchi, harem or BL series, yet there are few exceptions in each of those categories. I try to be broad-minded.


Current anime status - Summer 2015 season
I've got terrible backlog going on with last few seasons, yet I still picked several new ones to follow - as usual. I hardly watch any pre-2010 anime at the moment, but would love to do so if I only had more time. I slowly try to keep watching Miyuki, Mikan Enikki and Uchuu no Stellvia from the old selection.

Current manga status
I'm slowly catching up buying volumes of GANTZ and 20th Century Boys. I've also fallen behind with Gundam: The Origin because their volumes are hurting my wallet really bad. I'm aiming to buy it one volume per month. I'm also trying not to fall behind of the schedule for HC's of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Junji Ito's works. Everything else, like cheaper volumes from other series, are extra for now.

Note: I don't keep track of my read manga on A-P. I keep list of my physical manga at ANN Collections.

(All up to date, at the moment!)

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sothis May 8, 2009

Just wanted to let you know I just found/watched/added this title ^_^