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Jul 8, 2014

For a personal rating I gave it 10. This is because on a spiritual level I really enjoyed it. However, in a full-out review I must note the flaws and lower my rating. 


Rating the story in-itself is difficult. The message and theme of the anime is solid. It is constantly supporting itself in detail so that it cannot be overlooked. I know that some people dislike this, saying that things are being thrown at your face. But since I am an environmentalist, and I agree with pretty much everything the show says, I enjoyed the frankness of it. The plot itself is a bit shaky though. It jumps from one thing to another simply so that they can impart another message onto the viewer. It is obvious that the story was written to support the message, and not the other way around. I was also disappointed in the ending. It felt as if it cut itself short without a full resolution. The climax was resolved, but we are given no indication of what life will be like afterwards. 


For the most part the animation is nice. When Juna turns avatar the colors get more metallic which I really liked. I thought it looked very clean and just pleasant to the eye. However, there are many thrown in shots of real-life footage. I repeat myself from before saying that the anime was created with the overall message in mind instead of the story. By seeing real-life footage you are thrown out of the story. I mean you are still into it, but you are reminded that it is just an anime. The effect is that this is just an anime, but the problems are real. I've seen anime use real footage before, but never as blatant as this. 


The soundtrack is beautiful. There are many Yoko Kanno songs, which really work to set the mood. I watched it dubbed and thought the cast did a good job. In particular I liked Chris'  voice. It had an overwhelmingly soothing effect, yet he still seemed stern at times. 

Yet again I will say that the characters were created around the message. Nearly everything we learn about the character support the overall message. Out of all the characters I think that Takio is the best developed. We learn about his relationship with his parents and about his likes and dislikes. Juna was a predictable character, but Takio ended up being a surprise at the end. We learn a little about Juna, such as her feelings for Takio, but even her familial interactions stem from messages about how we should live. We learn of Cindy's past in order emphasize what we shouldn't do, and learn of Chris' in order to learn what we should. In the scope of the work the characters work well, but compared to other anime the characters fall short. They work together and are developed, but manly only in areas related to the shows overall message.

As a whole I really enjoyed the show. It had a nice feel to it, which made me want to just keep watching. The biggest downfall of the show is that there were things left unexplained. The ended left a large question and there were smaller things such as chakras that was left up to the viewer to interpret. If you do not know about chakras, then you have no idea what is going on. If you are an environmentalist, a New Ageist, or just into changing society, this is well worth the watch.  

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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MrValgard Aug 2, 2015

Couldn't agree more. Message is strong but technical side is poor (even for 2001y). Things like awernes of life cycles, problem with comunication (emotions & meaning), enhance your senses to appreciate life as it is... was beautiful shown. But i dislike motive with "no fighting" like nature - actually balance in nature come from ruthless fight between elements, but true only human kills when he dont need to in name of cocnepts of efective grow or safeness or what easiest (but wise management dosen't mean to not kill at all, we need to understand what is more efficient for all in long time and do it decisively) Same feeling want to rate it 10/10 but must lower it for 8/10