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I love original animations.

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MrElg Nov 29, 2008

Music recommandation: Have you heard Naked City by John Zorn? Great experimental record. A groundbraking album. This has been really a source of inspiration to the experimental Mike Patton projects.

Just a short note this time. Its late, and I must go to sleep before a big workday tomorrow. Ill send you a note about how I like your recommandations later on.

MrElg Nov 27, 2008

Thanks. Ill listen to your favourites. Havnt heard of any of those bands/artists before. Like all kinds of music though. Classic - jazz - pop - world - experimental -  and so on. My favourites in the metal genre are at the moment Shining, Dødheimsgard and Boris. But that may be not experimental enogh for you?

MrElg Nov 27, 2008

Great. Thanks. For me, your post started a new era in watching animation.I forgot to list Mulloy. His films are good and strange. But there is many films here that I must check out. You know very much about animation. If you would like to give Svankmajer a second chance, I recommend you to watch his shorts. They are much better than his full-lenght movies. Dimensions of Dialogue is great. And his older movie Game of Stones. Also Food is a good short. It has a strange plot and combines live action and claymation in a original way.Compared to you, Im still kind of new to surreal animation. I cant find any other tips for you than Ruka and Krysar. Both are puppet films, but Ruka is surreal and Krysar has in addition got a very dark feel. So they may suit your taste. I usually study film in general and not only animation. You might like some of those films: Delicatessen, Meshes of the Afternoon, Santa sangre, The Blood of a Poet, Begotten (based on your listing of Erasorhead), La Jetee, Hukkle (maybe Taxidermia too). Well Ill stop there, but I can alway find other strange films and films with surreal feel.Your taste in music is very interesting too. Havent heard of any of it though, but I listened to a few clips on lastFM. Have you heard any experimental norwegian music. There is a label called Rune Grammofon. They produces very interesting music. You should check out the most famous record Supersilent - 6. My personal favourite is MoHa. Their latest album is great.Thanks again for all the great recs.

MrElg Nov 24, 2008

Hi and welcome. Nice avatar. Seems like we share the same taste in movies. I just love Fantastic Planet. I can see that you listed Holy Mountain too. Have you read the comic books by Moebius and Jodorowsky? I just finished the Incal. Amazing work. Have you got any recommandations on surrealist animation?

FlameOn Nov 24, 2008

hi and welcome to A-P..if you need any help just leave me a message:D