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Yeah hi.

I'm sorry if I bashed your favourite anime in one of my reviews. Don't take it personal. Or too seriously.

Star ratings and their meanings:

5 stars    = This couldn't get any better. I'd kill someone to see more of this.

4.5 stars = I definitely enjoyed this. And probably still am.

4 stars    = I really liked it. I guess execution could've been better.

3.5 stars = Kinda good. But most likely I'll never finish watching it, if it's over 12 episodes.

3 stars    = Meh. I don't regret watching this, but not my thing.

2.5 stars = So clishé. This would've been better 20 years earlier. Maybe more.

2 stars    = What even is this? I'm starting to lose hope the more I watch.

1.5 stars = One episode and I'm done. Maybe I'll come back just to remind me how bad this is.

1 star     = I watched the first episode till the end just enjoing myself critizising everything.

0.5 star  = I'm most likely tramatized and have some brain cells dead because of this.

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MageOnx Jun 2, 2012

Thanks for understanding! -^-^-

Wow, that's great! It's actually a pretty classic idea if we want to improve our drawing, but nevertheless, I hope I at least have fun and I sincerely hope I won't be too much of a perfectionist (like I usually am)! X3 Best of luck to you too!~

Aaah, the secret plan of getting a pet after moving out, I know it well from the pre-pet part of my life....XD Anyways, if it really heads that way for you, don't rush with adopting, maybe you can save a homeless, wandering animal off the streets instead of spending a fortune on a pure-bred pet (if you do pick an animal off the street, make sure to take it to the vet first to check its health and protect your own! :D). All I can say about your mum and her divoces is that I feel sorry for both of you. It couldn't have been a very fun experience for neither of you. :( I'm lucky to live in a traditional environment, in a way, because it's a shame to get divorced here. On the other hand, it can be quite a pressure living with parents who fight so much the child gets the feeling they hate each other and eventually ends up hating one or both of his/her parents, or even him/herself. =.='

'It's best to talk calmly about everything', as I have learnt. :p The only problem with this method is that the other party might not want to listen open-heartedly, or talk, for that matter. =^=* But the latter can still be overcome with time, while there are some people that will never try to understand your point of view, many of them not even knowing how. =_=' *sighs* Well, it's on us to try to solve problems the way we can, and if we fail, forget it and move on, I guess.... :p

Wow, that's great, I really hope you have a good time with your dad this summer. :) Good luck learning how to drive, too! :D

I understand, I sucked at expressing myself to anyone who isn't overseas, too. XD But lately, I've gradually started naturally being able to talk to people. I guess you just have to grow into being able to do it. :p Just build a character, build yourself as a person with priorities and opinions and I think the strenth of knowing who you are and what you like, dislike, want or don't, will help pave a way into everything, be it communication, private life, as well as work. :p (I just sound exessively smart, it's kinda making me mad at myself =¸=* - my sisters say I tend to talk smart too much, too XP - I'm the type who has an average low self-asteem that sky-rockets at one point and then falls into the abyss without warning again XD)

Reply to your P.S. - I'm very glad you think that. :3 And I don't mind listening to your life at all! You talk a little, I compare it a little to my life, we advise each other, I think that works quite well. -^-^- You? :D

MageOnx May 19, 2012

Yeah, that's exactly what's been keeping me away for so long... Sorry for the late. :3

I suck at colours too, that's exactly why I wish I could use them well! XD Really, there is so much stuff that I have to get better at when it comes to drawing and painting!:p

Well, I dare not call it a manga, but it's certainly an attempt at creating a 32-page-long one-shot piece of work that hopefully looks like manga. :p I really hope it goes well! >v<

I'm so sorry about that! :( My mum used to ban all animals too, but my father's accident made her change her mind and she took in a cat (NO, I am not implying that you should cause some sort of an accident, this is a very serious conversation, and the in-brackets piece is a just-in-case not-really-a-joke; an attemt to lighten up the mood :p). Maybe you should improve your relationship with your father? He sounds like a good person, people who like animals and have pets are generally known as nice people. :p In any case, you do as you see most fit, and please know that I'm not trying to invade your privacy or anything like that, but I believe having someone to talk to is better than bottling it up. I might be on the other side of the world and just appear as plain text on your AP account, but at least there's no risk at me telling your mum or friends, since I don't know them anyways. :P And I've been through some strange situations with my parents too, so I partly understand. :) On top of all that, we also agreed that we're friends, right? And real friends support their friends in everything, and give them advice, but they should never hinder their own freedom. ;) The best kid of relatioship is an open, understanding one, where you don't feel pressured or limited. At least that's what I believe, anyways. :p


MageOnx May 9, 2012

I'm sorry for the late comment too, my school is trying to squeeze excellent results and my life out me, apparently. *sighs* :p

Yeah, it's cool, I'd like to have such way with colours too, wouldn't you? :3 :p

Oooooh, I haven't been to deviantART for so long! I haven't had the time to draw at all, let alone anything more than that... >o<* But I too am planning a little project over summer with my sisters. :3

I too mainly draw humans, and on them mainly heads, and I really want to become better at drawing (I've been teaching myself a new drawing style which would help me with human fisiology, but that got delayed because of exams...) You reminded me, I have to get better at drawing animals, too, though I can already draw dogs really well (which is funny because I'm more of a cat person - my cat isn't a good model, he keeps running away, and turning when sleeping, and he doesn't like being photographed either XD).

Do you have any pets? :3

airbornefilip Apr 6, 2012

I see you like watching pewdiepie's videos. That guy sure is crazy. Too bad he didn't won for Web King or however it's called, I forgot. I hope he'll win it next year. Sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day.

MageOnx Apr 5, 2012

No no, you're very welcome!~ -^-^-

Oh, you're kidding!! How could I not recognise one of my favourite characters?! XDD Though the artwork does make it harder to tell, now that I look again, I can see the mark on his eye... XP

Ooh, so that's the main catch with tablets, huh? Thanks for telling me, if I 100% decide to get one instead of a new scanner, I'll make sure to properly do my research! :)

Thanks for watching me, I really appreciate it. :) I'll look to post something soon, although I can't promise very good quality, since it will probably be a photo of a drawing or the like. :P =//=


(thanks, looking forward to our further....well, friendship? XD So, what are your favourite things to draw?? :D)