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Sianeka May 29, 2014

Added you as a friend, too!  Note: did you REALLY watch all 112 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho FIVE times? What on earth did you find in it that you think is so awesome? I find this so hard to believe!  I think it far more likely you said to yourself, I've seen this so often, I must've seen it five times already... but not actually watched it in its entirety 5x.

More believable to me: all 51 episodes of FMA five times. Although, with all the new anime that is out and all the old stuff available, I am finding it very hard to find time to do even ONE rewatch myself, although it is on my To Do list.

Next up: You should add ratings, so others can see what you really enjoyed!

Sianeka May 27, 2014

Hello  and welcome to A-P! ^_^