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Hello fellow humans and human fellas!

I am the resident disaster who has been hopelessly devoted to Nico Robin since my early teens. and Furby's for some reason...

Monster girls and Jojo are basically my religion.

and Titus Alexius is my precious fictional child who must be protected at all costs.


I am not very talkative online. So sorry if my replies are short and blunt. I have a bit of an abnormal way of talking through text. 
If I don't answer right away , please don't take offense. If 
I don't respond to your comment, it is likely because I don't know how to respond, or I am overwhelmed due to my social anxiety. This is more likely if you are someone I don't know.

I hope you understand .


I rate anime based on my enjoyment of the series. Not the overall quality.  

..0.. ..0..

Anime ranking system.

My personal favorite genre's are Historical, Seinen, BL, and GL. Bonus points if they have witches or a Middle Easten aesthetic.

I don't have a least favorite genre, but I am not that interested in watching Horror series personally. I rarely get scared from horror media. I usually just feel a bit nauseous depending on certain scenes (usually excessive violence or torture scenes). 
So I just don't find much that I can personally enjoy from it.

I am willing to make exceptions though, if they have interesting characters.


^^My Girlies^^   

"If I had a nickel for every time I shipped an oblivious brunette witch in training with a minty-esque haired witch prodigy, I would have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice...


FGO ID:  247047791

Obey Me! ID i597759940 

Obey Me! Nightbringer ID 524026257



Since some people consider these anime, I will mention some other anime esque shows I have seen.

I am a fan of all forms of animation, so I like a lot of western cartoons as well.

I could honestly go on forever on all of the cartoons I like. But I will spare you the hassle of me gushing about that. But my absolute favorites are Gravity Falls, The Owl House, , and Adventure Time

I really love how much time, effort, and passion that people put into their art, and I would love to try animating someday. 


Other facts about me that I am willing to share is that I am on the autism spectrum. Anime is one of my many special interests. My first special interest that I can recall is I was majorly obsessed with dinosaurs as a child. I still love learning about them to this day. 

I was also diagnosed with ADHD  in 2023. Which honestly explains a lot...

An accurate representation on how my strange brain works on a daily basis.


I absolutely love animals! I don't hate a single one. Not even bugs and arachnids (which I personally consider animals). I don't have a particular favorite animal, but have a major soft spot for frogs and other amphibians. I always get super happy when I see them. I have also had several pet frogs and toads over the years. 

..♡♡ ♡♡..

I adore Furbies! They are my precious demonic babies and I love them all. I always buy them when I see them at thrift stores. I even have a (somewhat) long Furby. 10/10, would buy again. 

I am 151 cm tall . I have always been a lot shorter then others where I live. Everyone where I live is so damn tall!

So I very much relate to characters like Futaba Igarashi from My Senpai is Annoying. I am often mistaken for being much younger then I actually am due to my height and physical appearance.

I am biracial. My dad is Arabic and my mom is (mostly) European.


I also live  in the middle of nowhere on a farm. Bunnies, chickens, horses, cattle, and goats a plenty! Also dogs, cats, turtles, a bearded dragon, and a goose!

I also had several pet ducks, frogs, toads, hamsters, and salamanders as a kid. and I had a pet ginuea pig for 8 years.

So long story short, I really love animals.




I absolutely love Monster girls. Lamia's are my favorite as you can probably tell by my username. I don't care how terrible an anime is, if it features monster girls as a main focus I am gonna watch it. At some point...

 I can't control my body temperature like most people can. It's  a medical condition called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED). There are many different ways a person can have it. With me and particular, I can't sweat or control my body temperature normally. 

So I am more prone to having heatstrokes then most people. It also has a few other effects for me, but I don't want to get overly specific for privacy reasons.


...Gay dragons own my soul...


Anime Milstones! 



If you want a more accurate list, I recommend filtering out the "Music Video" anime in my watched list. I mainly add them due to me being a Vocaloid junkie, but I understand it can be hard to see the series I have seen considering how many MV's I have watched over the years.

I watch quite a bit of anime shorts. So it appears that I have seen more anime then I actually have. I have probably seen over 500 "actual" anime though.


My favorite character types tend to be ...

I also tend to gravitate to anime women who could kick my ass with ease, and anime men with more traditionaly feminine interests, and embrace it.






~My fictional wives. 10/10, would marry them in a heartbeat~





My Socials: MALMFCFuraffinity, & Instagram


Have a wonderful day!


.  ..... .. . . . ....   .. ..     ... ...  .  . . . . . .. . .   ... .. .. . . .   .   ...  .      .    ..  ... .. . . . .....     .   ... _____ _ 









Pillar Men gif - Teshie (Reddit)

Jolyne Kujo gif - morganstedmanmsng (Newgrounds) 

Animal Crossing (Bob) gif -  Geibuchan (Tumblr)

LWA fan gif - DAV-19 (DA and Tumblr)

Adventure Time gif - radicallytransparent (Tumblr)

All images belong to their respective owners








Sincerely, a resident degenerate.


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KarenbeanPirate Mar 30, 2024

Thank you! I find it a lot easier to talk on there. 

I look forward to talking to you more.

KarenbeanPirate Mar 29, 2024

I've not had a good look at Spring yet.

I've not really watched much h anime, I'm more of a manga fan, but I might watch some stuff.

Do you have private comments on MAL? As I prefer to talk via private messaging on MAL.

KarenbeanPirate Mar 28, 2024

I think I know what site you are talking about. I did not know you could watch h anime on there.

Aee you looking forward to any normal or h anime coming out in the new season? 

KarenbeanPirate Mar 20, 2024

Oo that's looks good, I'll have to check it out. Where do you watch/read your h anime/manga? Got any favourite sites you use often?

KarenbeanPirate Mar 18, 2024

Hi Lamia I hope you have you been :).

Have you watched any good hentai lately?