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Annoying anime characters yet so cute

These characters are so cute but a little annoying...

Best Manga/Novel writers

Famous novel's authors.

Cute Anime Series with full of hilarious comedy

Cute anime which are full of comedy and cuteness!! CX

Favorite Sad Manga (Novel included)

All favorite manga, manhua, manhwa, and web novels that made me cry and urged me to want more VuV (Not order wise) Reason to all is simple: "Because they made me cry. I felt sad." So all these are equal to me. I love them...

The most extreme tragedy I've ever read...

So, Matthia, for me, is the most tragic author. Although I've only started her works recently (just one) I love it. The tragedy almost makes me want to write something similar to it. But all in all, I love them. It's really...