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Michelangelo1475 Jan 26, 2016

I personally enjoyed the game of cat and mouse the anime was playing, it kept my attention more than most other anime I have watched because it had almost tangible tension in it. I guess people percieve it differently, but if it was your 5th anime you might actually like it now (well if I said that to myself for every anime I poorly rated it would take me forever to go back and see if they are actually good or not now lol).

Michelangelo1475 Jan 26, 2016

Come to think of it, I noticed you rated Death Note pretty low so maybe not lol. It's different enough to give it a go though... It's definitely more shounen and is not crazy intense all the way through like DN.

Michelangelo1475 Jan 26, 2016

I think you would like it; it closely resembles the feel of Death Note because it deals with pretty mature themes and is dark and intense (not to Death Note's extent but not sure too many anime can pull that off).

Michelangelo1475 Jan 24, 2016

Well if its better than Bleach then I am all for it (I have a love-hate relationship with that anime)! I unfortunately do not have an anime from my childhood, I did watch Avatar when I was younger though, if that counts lol. I didn't really start watching until three or four years ago... eventhough I coulda sworn I may have seen Naruto or InuYasha in dub on some the kids channels I used to watch... On another note, have you seen Parasyte? I just finished it and its a good action anime, as far as those go ;)

Michelangelo1475 Jan 23, 2016

Yeah, I'll be sure to go in with high expectations as well ;)

So Dragonball Z was your first anime? I haven't watched it, so I will reserve judgements!