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Michelangelo1475 Feb 17, 2016

Speaking of Naruto, shit so much filler I am yanking my hair out... I just caught up to the latest episode in 2 days (50 episodes worth) because of it. Man it has hit a massive low imo, I would stop watching it until it is finished. It's kinda sad for such a popular anime to end up like this *sad face*

Michelangelo1475 Feb 11, 2016

Well, shit going down appears very promising, tension is always an asset for an anime... not so much for the amount of sleep a binge watcher is going to get though ;) Have you watched super old anime? I had a major relapse on Votoms... there was a 5 or 6 minute battle scene and you know stuff in 1983 ain't as pretty as today so I couldn't get through it until today lol (I took a 3 week hiatus basically). Dragonball is pretty old actually, not sure how well it was produced back in the day though. If it is like City Hunter, which has pretty spectacular quality for its day it shouldn't be untolerable :P

Michelangelo1475 Feb 9, 2016

Sorry about the late reply! I have watched all of Darker than Black, and did enjoy it regardless but I guess I didn't enjoy the lack of emotion exhibited by the main character (I like characters with more expressive behaviour I guess you could say). The story overall was pretty good. I am intrigued by the second season of Attack on Titan, not sure if I will watch it though.

Michelangelo1475 Jan 31, 2016

Yeah I remember Darker Than Black being pretty good, it was more me thinking the ending was a little underwhelming or something to that effect. Attack on Titan did not sit well with me because something felt off about the characters. D.Gray-man is also quite enjoyable, the only problem I had was that it was a little too long and they didn't finish the story (which I hope is going to be alleviated this year!)

Michelangelo1475 Jan 28, 2016

Yeah I don't exactly do it either, only when I want to check to see if my tastes have changed so I can re-rate an anime lower or higher. I might watch a few episodes of Attack on Titan, D.Gray-man and Darker than Black, I was on the fence about if I enjoyed those ones from what I remember (espeically D.Gray-man cause there is a new season coming out apparently).